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I kind of wish I were a nicer person. I really do try, I swear I do. But anyway, if I make you angry, I most likely didn’t mean to.
I do a lot of things that people seem not to understand exactly why I do. I am completely addicted to cream soda, techno, and downtempo. Ask me about it. Please. I love to talk about the music I love to talk about as well as redundant tautologies. I also throw knives and work out.

I suppose I might be a bit different from most. for one thing, this bio is already quite a bit longer than most people’s. I like to write and make music. Please, by all means, listen to the music I have on my profile. I’m incredibly flattered when someone comments, so please make my day. Even if it’s bad, a comment still means someone has heard what I made. I really enjoy anything artistic, but otherwise I am terrible at almost everything.

top friends

Shammaye A wonderfully funny, perky, Irish Transylvanian. Which means she drinks the blood of only the Irish, because only their blood has enough alcohol to satisfy the Irish in her. Also happens to be a ginger, but she’s one of the one’s with a soul. And a sense of humor.
Calmboy8 Finally, a voice of reason in myrm. Always calm, compassionate, and reasonable. A rock in the middle of the pudding desert that is the foundation of Myrmecophobia.
Valrossen Pocket walrus, speaks mostly in puns. Happens to be Swedish, like Basshunter. Happens to like America, also like Basshunter. Happens not to like techno, unlike Basshunter. So don’t mention Basshunter or Holland. Yeah, that’s right, Holland.
MelancholicRain Hey, Rain, you’re on here completely probationally. So mess up and it’s over, pal… Rain was in charge of starting the Alternate Wars, a bloody mess that destroyed half of myrmecophobia with loathing and distrust because of the huge amount of alternate accounts he created, and the personalities he lied with. On a good note, he does have a wonderful sense of humor, and happens to hate furries.
Smookie Don’t ask me what her name means, I have no idea. She;s cute, funny, and kind of like a miniature Audrey Hepburn, at least in how dainty she acts at times. However, she is a furry, so her and Rain have frequent spats. Not a good situation, don’t stick your nose in. Young love, isn’t it great…
Indubitably The most secretive member of Myrm. Complete mystery. Make a guess as to who he is, go on! He’ll incorporate your guess into his persona, kind of like that freaking weird japanese game with the sticky ball that picks up stuff…I forgot the storyline. Anyway, Indy is, according to the guesses made, a single architecture student living probably in America. Voted most likely to be secretly a Celebrity in the annual…Who am I kidding. But yeah, we think he’s Ashton Kutcher, or something. Who knows?
EllisOwns So, if you want to know about dubstep, the Game of Thrones on HBO, good music, or how to be an embarrassingly high level on Sacred Seasons 2, ask Ellis. He owns at pretty much any video game, and manages to remain low-key through it all. Kind of like a cross between a professional DJ and a character from Big Bang Theory. Remain on his good side. It’s not known if he has a bad side, but if he does, it is sure to melt your head like a chocolate bunny, or to put it another way, like a Nazi trapped in an Indiana Jones movie. Ellis is sure to please, but be careful. His driving philosophy in life is that friends are like potatoes, if you eat them, they die. Which basically means that he believes you are A) a friend and B) edible which may mean C) you might die. Be warned.

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