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Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Dec. 28, 2013
One thing I would like to see with the bestiary. If you look at it in battle, it starting with the enemies, or just view the bestiary of the enemies in the battle on the in battle bestiary. Also. love the game.
Play Deterministica Deterministica Aug. 07, 2009
ok... didnt understand it... but i like the live RP idea good work
Play Epic War 3 Epic War 3 Jun. 27, 2009
the counter attack in this, anyway is during a battle, when you send a massive army to the castle, you will hear a horn after a bit. then a massive wave will come back. good time for spells. hehehe
Play Frontline Defence Beta demo Frontline Defence Beta demo Mar. 07, 2009
knew there was more: put the name of the tower, at the TOP of the description, with a bigger font/fancier font.
Play Frontline Defence Beta demo Frontline Defence Beta demo Mar. 07, 2009
Is a good start. My suggestions: yea, a cancel button. the "perfect" bonus starts at 'undefined'. the bottom row, first two buttons have no stats or description.
Play Age of Japan Age of Japan Apr. 11, 2008
not a bad game... but... fix the blasted bugs.... cant see what the upgrades do, and has mentioned... goes to quit at each level
Play DropSum v1.3 DropSum v1.3 Mar. 13, 2008
wow... love it... found it funny the ending XD
Play Knight Tactics Knight Tactics Mar. 12, 2008
not a rip of tactics 100... try FFT... and not a great one... everytime u load, u have nothing... and u can move THROUGH the enemy, and vice versa... *sigh* good idea, though
Play The Bubble Game The Bubble Game Mar. 12, 2008
holy cow... but, since i lack speakers...sound is a moot point... but sheesh... a lesson in patience 4/5
Play Elven Mists Elven Mists Mar. 11, 2008
like the game... but trialware flash...>.>
Play MindScape MindScape Mar. 10, 2008
OMG!! i just gotta show this game to my friends
Play Mystery Island Mystery Island Mar. 10, 2008
missing.... auto dropping... or descent... but good try
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 10, 2008
the game isnt broken... but, its actually kinda fun
Play Chaos Faction Chaos Faction Mar. 08, 2008
well.. i woulda rated higher but... it lagged my whole comp