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Play The Red Bull game The Red Bull game Apr. 11, 2011
So, essentially, this is a Flash video, not a game. Go back2newgrounds.
Play ShtCan ShtCan Apr. 11, 2011
About as exciting as it is mature. Take that as you will.
Play Xtreme Fruit Shoot! Xtreme Fruit Shoot! Apr. 11, 2011
...the hell.
Play Turn Based RPG Turn Based RPG Apr. 11, 2011
And this is
Play Maze Attack 5 Maze Attack 5 Apr. 11, 2011
Not gonna lie, this game is pretty terrible. And since when do classic maze games have enemies that phase through walls and make you restart?
Play Pixeland Pixeland Apr. 11, 2011
Interesting concept, but the controls need some work. I don;t mind pixel perfect platformers, but not when the controls feel this...floaty.
Play Eat The Chocolate Eat The Chocolate Apr. 11, 2011
My MS-DOS computer has a better version of Snake.