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Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 18, 2014
The refresh shop price is way too high. I make more gold from my accessory, but there is no where to spend it. the training and shop refresh scale geometricaly. So really, 15% more gold is nothing. Either give items taht give 40'000% more gold, or make the price scaling less crazy. lol.
Developer response from lility

the refreshing costs should be high, since you shouldn't be buying too much refreshings at the beginning. If you let it run through the night or log in after a day, you will have pretty much gold to spend then though. try it out :)

Play Give Me All Your Coins Give Me All Your Coins Apr. 16, 2014
I dont see the point in making a max to any of those upgrades. You should also make a special upgrade that transform each coin into 1.5 upgrade point over time. upgrade points work the same as coin, but doesnt count toward you final goal.
Play Picross Madness Picross Madness Apr. 16, 2014
So I got a pop up window on my computer, and draw a 5 pixel long line by mistake from it. I "lost". But now what ? I remember the shape anyway. So what is the point in having me restart ? Just tell me when I win, never make me die nor correct my mistakes. It make no sens.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 30, 2014
The design of such game seem to only require one thing : The pace of the game evenly distributed. So the end is as much enjoyable then the beginning. Somehow they all fail. deceived again.
Play IdleCraft IdleCraft Mar. 24, 2014
The speed of progression between each upgrade or buy is extremely variable. Sometime it take 1 minute to buy on upgrade, sometime 2-3 minutes. You doesnt seem to follow any pattern at all. Such speed should be constant given the player make the good choice. I've been playing a while about an entire hour. I'm now incredibly pissed that you randomly chose to make the time of the last updgrade start to multiply multiple time. I played an hour thinking I was about to reach the end, and now you randomly tell me I have an entire week of game ahead of me only to have the last 5 upgrades ? That's bullshit ! You jump from one type of game to a complete different gameplay.
Play Install_D Install_D Mar. 16, 2014
You should lock the "next wave" button a few seconds after the wave start. Sometime you want to call the next wave and you end with 2 wave at once...
Play 10 second test 10 second test Mar. 13, 2014
omg, I just managed the level 11 without erasing any blocks with extra fuel and time. Here is the secret trick : chain about 25 not in a row. Must be an uneven number. Start by the last NOT for extra satisfaction. double the signal and send it into the jet OI. The first time, your character will make small jumps. But after the first test, the clock will go much faster for some reason... Congratulation, you have now a power saving jet pack ! You can solve the puzzle easily ;) .
Play Lusfod Lusfod Mar. 13, 2014
I kept playing hoping it would get faster and that I'd reach a point where the game is challenging. Saddly, it's so boring I end up making mistakes at some point. Now I have the fastest ship, and it still seem 4-5 time too slow to be enjoyable. I'm deceived.
Play Pixel Escape Pixel Escape Feb. 28, 2014
I have too few information and time to make the best decisions on the go. The game is too much unforgiving. So to make good decision, I need to know the map. To know the map I MUST explore. And by "explore" I mean dying in stupid ways. The problem with this concept, is that i spend most of my time traveling trought the start of the map. Which I already solved and is not much enjoyable any more. It's aggravated by the fact the game is hard enough to kill me in those part even if I know how to do it and I have the reasonable skill to reach the end. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Then die on an unpredictable spike.
Play Cosmic Clicks Cosmic Clicks Feb. 16, 2014
These games have 2 thing to do : 1) Offer a exponential power trip progression. 2) Offer non-trivial options that beat others. Sadly, you fail on both side. A) The progression speed is awsome "mid" game. One can reach hdrives in a few minutes. But then it fall flat and it's quickly annoying. B) Other then the boost produced by the second and third engine upgrades, there is sadly no real option beside bying and upgrading the Hdrive. Everything else is an obvious waste of money.
Developer response from Dark_Timmy

Well, I appreciate the comment and, yep, by your definition there this game is not going to win any "clicker of the year" contests. I would like to think (and maybe it's just me) that the game has some other things people enjoy (like the dialog which I quite enjoyed writing). Also, I imagine things might get get better if I continue to make these types of games. I'm rarely perfect on my first go-round. A few costs are whack and it's on me but the overall game length is what I wanted. That said, thanks for the comment and the play! Best, -Tim

Play Bitzy Blitz Bitzy Blitz Jan. 31, 2014
Awesome game. But I have few comments here... 1) Suddenly out of no where, there is that third boss who spawn no minions or anything. Makes half of my upgrade (pyromancer, drones) totaly useless. Makes that boss extremely hard and frustrating. 2) Really, I dont like to reach that fast the end of the uprades. And no more talents after ~1/3 of the game ? :o
Play Eastward Quest Eastward Quest Jan. 30, 2014
I need money to upgrade, but i need to avoid enemies to end the level asap. which make the next level harder because I have less upgrade anyway... Nobody could possibly go trough this without dying a ton of time anyway. So at the end it boil down to an idle game with only 3 upgrades you can't really chose from because they double at each pick anyway... So you take one after the other.
Play Blade Rush Blade Rush Jan. 30, 2014
How can I have such fps drop in that kind of small game ? Cut the gravity calculation on blood or something...
Play The Legend of Zelda Hyrule defense The Legend of Zelda Hyrule defense Jan. 29, 2014
Aside the huge copyright problem, you need to fix the fighting system to go anywhere. Maybe giving the enemy a real pathfinding and make them try to avoid link (or attack why not). Because right now, you just sit on the side of the road and hold space and that's it.
Play GOTO WAR GOTO WAR Jan. 29, 2014
Controls feel wrong. The colors or at least the contrast of grey is hard to see. The idea is there but there is something wrong here.
Play 10 is Again 10 is Again Jan. 28, 2014
I don't like the way I can mash everything together and see what I was expected to do first, then undo and solve everything in a breeze. Not really your fault, the concept bring that flaw. But still it break the fun for me badly.
Play Virus Wars: Free Virus Wars: Free Jan. 28, 2014
I enjoyed the feel of the game a bit more calm and strategic then usual. however i dont like beng that much limited in upgrades.
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 26, 2014
First I was not excited about this game at all. Then I reached higher levels and realized that I was actualy making them faster then easier level. I just learned something in the process and it make this game awesome after all. Satisfying and well worth it. For you asked a game with other sided dices : Only squares, triangles and hexagons tile like this. Triangles gives 4 sided dices who have no opposite faces. I dont think 12 sided dices would make the game more challenging or fun. Have a strange feeling it wouldn't work well at all.
Play Painters Guild (Alpha) Painters Guild (Alpha) Jan. 14, 2014
I reached 97 of skill and prestige. I was aiming for 100 but i'm staring to wonder if it's even possible. Someone is up for the challenge ? Really good game thx !
Play Unnatural Selection Unnatural Selection Jan. 14, 2014
Guys, you dont need to have control on "how they evolve" because they evolve in the best way possible. It's the essence of evolution. Sad it's too short. More levels would be nice. Carnivorous minions that eat smaller minions could also make awesome game play.