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Play Beasts Battle Beasts Battle Jun. 30, 2014
The game feel completly unbalanced... I can do some stage at hard, and suddenly not even easy seem to be doable... And the fact I keep everything from stage to stage just encourage me to grind everything at easy instead. I also seriously fail to understand how I can get FPS drops on this game. I know I dont have an awesome computer but... fps drops at low graphics ? Come on everything is static...
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jun. 29, 2014
Well done, enjoyable but I feel like it missing something. With only 2 special power, it fill empty and at the sam time too crowded for a life leason style game "one only need one special power".
Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jun. 12, 2014
At first glimpse, I liked how the planets resist to the invasion instead of dying instantly. But then I realize how bad the strategy is. One only have to send all his army on the nearest undefended planet and he will eventually win because his capture speed is faster then his opponent. I strongly suggest you make the capture speed go at the square root of the number of ships on the planet. That way it would give back a bit of strategy to this game.
Play Numz World Numz World May. 18, 2014
Remember me of too much of bad minigame puzzle in otherwise good games.
Play Lol Eater 2 Lol Eater 2 May. 18, 2014
This nyan cat have a passive ability I just can't counter. He's just big and there is no upgrade that can make me beat him faster. I do the remaining of the level faster and faster due to upgrade, but then I'm stuck with that nyan cat. For a longer and longer part of the game. Congrat, you found a way to make an upgrade game where you upgrade your capacity to not being able to upgrade any more. Honestly, without upgrades this upgrade game is just crap. I'll vote for the part I did the most : The nyan cat with no relevant way to upgrade.
Play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock! Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock! May. 16, 2014
Score :2010. The only logical answer was "spock".
Play TBK Battle TBK Battle May. 16, 2014
oh god. you just state the rule and we find out the optimal strategy without problem : use magic as soon as you can, use heal whenever you are under 85HP, use attack the remaining of the time. Just a random game...
Play Winter Is Coming Winter Is Coming May. 16, 2014
1)You should add CO2; make leaves that have more air neighbours produce more sugar. We'd make more complex trees. (Right now the best is a line straight up). 2) you should add a rare ressource called fertilizer which greatly reduce the cost of the next few cells. You could give a few of that at start which would greatly improve the wait at the beginning :) . 3) Add multiple type of specialised cells that unlock even more cells with small price variation. One could build a knot that would allow leaves that are more expensive in water but less in sun (for exemple). Players could adapt to the maps specificities. 3) New years... nutrients that respawn, branches that break, roots that decays, leaves that fall. I think that one obvious, but you need it anyway. 4) A reroll button for inital map. 5) nutrients seem to decay too fast. Right now it's not hard to drain all the nutrient in the map before time run out. 6) A few AI that would compete for sunlight might be fun. awesome game til now.
Play Pajama Boy 2: The Dark Forest Pajama Boy 2: The Dark Forest May. 13, 2014
When I'm in the air and I press the opposite arrow, I slow down gradualy and I keep my momentum. But when I release the arrows I stop instantly ? It feel strange and I died 2/3 of the time because of that. The game is well executed but the difficulty rely too much on split second reaction. I endup dying carelessly until I'm lucky and go trough instead of actually trying to use skill. The levels are so small, it's just faster. At the end of the day, it's not satisfying.
Play JellyGo! JellyGo! May. 13, 2014
Awesome game, I love the AI personnalities. I have many suggestions tough.. You should increase the maximum jelly cap and maybe upgrade prices. There is too fast too much upgrades to do. Don't hide the strategic game behind a fast clicking frenzy :) . I noticed the upgrade progession makes later upgrades questionnable to do so there is no point limiting it at 5 lt the players decide what is the maximum upgrade worth doing. Finaly, I'd like to see routes so I could have the jelly production go automaticaly on the front line. Would help increasing the map sizes a bit (which will allow new maps for the sequel) . very good game !
Play Hellspin Hellspin May. 10, 2014
Those controls are nice. But grinding unimaginary and awfully easy levels all the game with a faulty hit box detection was not fun. Somehow, you even manage to screw the only thing that was working in the last few levels : the controls. In even more easy level then before. So deceived...
Play Cerberus: Lord of the Underworld Cerberus: Lord of the Underworld May. 04, 2014
That's bad. I get a 25% of my health heal only when I reached full health already ? Somehow imps seems the only thing I need to farm and really I could afk the whole game that I wouldnt grow any slower. Absolutely no skill required. You made it look like a tech tree, but we only have 1-2 choice due the the dramatic cost scaling and the next time, you upgrade the things you didnt just before.. so really no choices there at all.
Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 18, 2014
The refresh shop price is way too high. I make more gold from my accessory, but there is no where to spend it. the training and shop refresh scale geometricaly. So really, 15% more gold is nothing. Either give items taht give 40'000% more gold, or make the price scaling less crazy. lol.
Developer response from lility

the refreshing costs should be high, since you shouldn't be buying too much refreshings at the beginning. If you let it run through the night or log in after a day, you will have pretty much gold to spend then though. try it out :)

Play Give Me All Your Coins Give Me All Your Coins Apr. 16, 2014
I dont see the point in making a max to any of those upgrades. You should also make a special upgrade that transform each coin into 1.5 upgrade point over time. upgrade points work the same as coin, but doesnt count toward you final goal.
Play Picross Madness Picross Madness Apr. 16, 2014
So I got a pop up window on my computer, and draw a 5 pixel long line by mistake from it. I "lost". But now what ? I remember the shape anyway. So what is the point in having me restart ? Just tell me when I win, never make me die nor correct my mistakes. It make no sens.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 30, 2014
The design of such game seem to only require one thing : The pace of the game evenly distributed. So the end is as much enjoyable then the beginning. Somehow they all fail. deceived again.
Play IdleCraft IdleCraft Mar. 24, 2014
The speed of progression between each upgrade or buy is extremely variable. Sometime it take 1 minute to buy on upgrade, sometime 2-3 minutes. You doesnt seem to follow any pattern at all. Such speed should be constant given the player make the good choice. I've been playing a while about an entire hour. I'm now incredibly pissed that you randomly chose to make the time of the last updgrade start to multiply multiple time. I played an hour thinking I was about to reach the end, and now you randomly tell me I have an entire week of game ahead of me only to have the last 5 upgrades ? That's bullshit ! You jump from one type of game to a complete different gameplay.
Play Install_D Install_D Mar. 16, 2014
You should lock the "next wave" button a few seconds after the wave start. Sometime you want to call the next wave and you end with 2 wave at once...
Play 10 second test 10 second test Mar. 13, 2014
omg, I just managed the level 11 without erasing any blocks with extra fuel and time. Here is the secret trick : chain about 25 not in a row. Must be an uneven number. Start by the last NOT for extra satisfaction. double the signal and send it into the jet OI. The first time, your character will make small jumps. But after the first test, the clock will go much faster for some reason... Congratulation, you have now a power saving jet pack ! You can solve the puzzle easily ;) .
Play Lusfod Lusfod Mar. 13, 2014
I kept playing hoping it would get faster and that I'd reach a point where the game is challenging. Saddly, it's so boring I end up making mistakes at some point. Now I have the fastest ship, and it still seem 4-5 time too slow to be enjoyable. I'm deceived.