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Play Drunken Masters Drunken Masters Feb. 25, 2010
Click save :D
Play DOTS DOTS Aug. 08, 2009
You're right to say you feel like you played it a few months ago... the exact same game is at posted in february of last year... Is this stolen?
Play Big Truck Adventures 2 Big Truck Adventures 2 May. 24, 2009
very good.. completed first try with 1 life left
Play Protector III Protector III May. 13, 2009
I really don't get what everyone's problem is with going back to get experience, considering I have just completed the game without doing that once! 5/5. Full Stop.
Play Mouse Move Mania Mouse Move Mania Feb. 07, 2009
5th all time.. so far
Play Aquanum Aquanum Jan. 10, 2009
play button doesn't work
Play Jelly Snake Jelly Snake Oct. 29, 2008
This game is actually pretty good. Full Stop. 4/5.
Play FTW Halloween FTW Halloween Oct. 29, 2008
I would say 4/5 is generous if you didn't like it much, but it's not up to me ;p bad, bad not bad enough to be a 1. 2/5
Play Towering Forever Towering Forever Oct. 27, 2008 5/5
Play 1 Star Ship 1 Star Ship Aug. 31, 2008
1st rating and proper comment :P and ummm... I can see where it got its name... 1 star for sure...
Play Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger! Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger! Aug. 30, 2008
2nd, ha loading screen says fater instead of faster
Play Swords and Sandals 2 Swords and Sandals 2 Aug. 30, 2008
very stolen....
Play Super Mario Rampage Super Mario Rampage Aug. 28, 2008
Play The Mouse 101 The Mouse 101 Aug. 25, 2008
to be honest, if you don't do anything, you do get 100% of actions correct... 4/5
Play Kongregate Tour Kongregate Tour Aug. 25, 2008
kong should seriously make a "real badge" for this game!
Play How to make a bread pizza How to make a bread pizza Aug. 25, 2008
no.... 1/5 1st... though why would i want to be...
Play Veggie Fling Veggie Fling Aug. 13, 2008
yup, he has good games... then again, I'm a bit of a squidsquid fan! 4/5, very funny!
Play Bendy Spidey Bendy Spidey Jul. 22, 2008
It's "Can't you seee the bad guy", not racist...
Play the dolphin the dolphin Jun. 26, 2008
This is a video, yes, not a game, so now go back to youtube.
Play Dino Run Dino Run Jun. 23, 2008
W00t, 104 second speedrun! 4/5, good retro fun