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I have had it up to here with achievements and badges! They have corrupted every game and become a staple for any newly developed game.

Let me explain, an achievement is a concept not an item that can be measured, an achievement is only an achievement if YOU feel that you have done something epic but the addition of achievements have caused people to forget the true meaning only to be replaced with what you are told is an achievement. I may or may not be impressed with what you have accomplished as that is entirely subjective and the real value is how the individual sees his deed.

A great example of this is vanilla and burning crusade in world of warcraft, there were no achievements until wrath of the lich king and was the game in a sad, empty state where nobody had any motivation to play? Of course not, people felt accomplished by doing something they saw as an achievement, They explored entire regions or tried to finish every quest even if it was below their level. They would try to take down the biggest baddest monsters and they didn’t need a lightshow with a pop-up ad and a token on their profile telling them that they were awesome to feel a sense of accomplishment.

fast forward a few years and look at what has happened, achievements are rewarded for every stupid thing you do, if you fall off a building and survive the fall, you get an achievement, if you kill several chickens in under a minute you get an achievement, if you let death wing kill you, guess what? you get an achievement. Now be honest with me, do you think that was worth doing? Was anything about that fun? do you feel like you accomplished something on it’s on right or just because blizzard told you how to feel?

and now achievements are being used to take the place of content, Why spend all that time and money to create quality content when you can you just throw in a crappy achievement system in? In world of warcraft they would rather you run the same dungeon 8 different times killing the bosses in different orders or doing some obscure pointless thing rather than creating 8 new dungeons. Blizzard has no need to make content when they can convince you that clucking like a chicken and standing on your head is content.

Sadly, peoples completionism takes over, also called the pokemon syndrome, you gotta get them all and the developers know that by constantly stoking your ego every 14 seconds they can keep you as a customer.

Think of the warlock and paladin epic mount quests, you had to go on a long and expensive journey to get that mount and those who got it felt accomplished by it’s own right but soon the quests were removed and the only compensation was an achievement for doing it before it was removed while the mounts are now handed out to everyone on a stick with no quest to obtain it.

When people go on achievement hunts they are not doing what they are suppose to be doing, Having fun, rather than have fun playing the game they spend their time running the same piece of content over and over or hunting down chickens for achievements rather than what they want to do but after they get the flashing lights their ego was once again placated to so they continue their hunt as the real concept of achievement has been forgotten.

Look at games like cookie clicker and adventure capitalist, their system revolves around achievements and people will boast about their “highscores” when in reality all they did was click on a cookie for 8 hours. was clicking that cookie 50,000,000,000 fun for you? Why do you feel like you have achieved something? because they game told you to feel accomplished but all you did was click on a cookie endlessly.

Now observe the kongregate system, people will stick around playing a game they don’t like for the sole purpose of getting the badge, If I am not having fun with a game I am not going to sit there and play it for the achievements sake.

and I most certainly don’t care about the “Kongpanions” Just a carrot on a stick.

This fad needs to die!

They need to take all of those achievements and badges, and throw them down the garbage disposal, immediately!

madjedi: Good job; you have a pulse. Here’s an achievement.

Taken from The Icarus project

Psychiatry is a cult. A dangerous cult. A cult that mugs people, drugs people and imprisons them, trying to hypnotise them into believing in psychiatry by threatening them with higher doses of chemicals if they don’t. They prey on the vulnerable and lure youth in, claiming to cure people of their problems.
Psychiatry has put people in comas, caused epilepsy, Tardive Dyskinesia, depression and suicide.
Something must be done about this cult, it is powerful and dangerous. It has somehow infiltrated the government, such that people can’t even take psychiatrists to court when they’ve been electrocuted by them.
Psychiatrists torture, they mug, they rape (unwanted penetration by needle).
How can it be in 2010 that this cult, funded by the government under the guise of being ‘medical’ can exist? They are not medical, they are a cult. Medical services are what people seek. Medicine is never forced upon a person. Medical practitioners take the Hippocratic oath.
So, this cult thinks it can hide under medicine, because the staff recruited are trained as practitioners. But they should be banned because they break the Hippocratic oath not to cause harm.
This cult even has the power to ask for police assistants in their muggings. It’s outrageous! People are meant to have a charge or a warrant before an arrest, but they don’t because the person hasn’t committed a crime. How are the police getting away with co-operating with known felons?
People see someone getting dragged away by police and they assume some crime has been committed by that person. Isn’t true when police co-operate with psychiatry. The person has probably just said something weird.
People are afraid of people who say weird things because of the scare tactics of psychiatry. Psychiatry labels people who are not in any way a danger to society under the same banner as those that are. Newspapers report the ‘expert’, forgetting that they are part of a cult. Anyone dragged off to psychiatric facilities is labelled a danger to society like those criminals talked about in the newspaper, who had a mental illness.
The fear the population has is that those people who are innocent, may become criminals if untreated.
Why does the populus believe that? Because of newspapers in combination with cult representatives advertising their products.
The chemicals they force on people are addictive, in that the withdrawal symptoms are acute. They give high doses of these addictive chemicals immediately upon incarcerating a person, they then label an involuntary patient.
The person made into a patient is embarrassed about being in a psychiatric facility. They rarely tell their friends. They are therefore alone.
Psychiatry has their own court system. There are three judges: a psychiatrist, a case-worker, and a lawyer. They will only let the person go if the person says: ‘Yes I agree I have a mental illness and I will keep taking the medication and attending appointments.’
And you have to say it like you meant it, because they want to be certain you are fully hypnotised and compliant with their wishes, so that you will go about spouting ‘the greatness that is psychiatry’. Don’t be fooled by people who give up fighting and become compliant with this cult. It takes a lot of effort to fight such a powerful dangerous money making organisation.

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