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Play Wealthy Wealthy Aug. 24, 2014
Bug: The "next level" shower is overlapping. It said "Manual work x2" for 2 upgrades and now it is overlapping. 3/5 research is broken, as well as TheProfessie's bug and many others.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Aug. 20, 2014
News: If the jelly inflation increases at the same rate, Jelly Beans are worth 1/90000001333333766666th of a cent, and rapidly going lower!
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Aug. 20, 2014
@Antwan2 He already HAS the automatic upgrade. He means the upgrade on the "Upgrades" screen of the Lobby.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Aug. 19, 2014
Rating..Graphics: 5/5 3D jelly! Better then i can draw. Originality: 3.5/5 There are tons of idle games but none as creative. Addictingness: 5/5 click. buy. upgrade. reset. Info: everything that is needed 5/5. Total: 4.625, closest to 5.
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Aug. 18, 2014
YES! First Chocolate Reset.
Play Marksman Defense Marksman Defense Aug. 17, 2014
Someone does not know right from left. its LEFT click to shoot, LEFT.
Play Conspiracy! - Rise of a New Leader Conspiracy! - Rise of a New Leader Aug. 17, 2014
"president madagascar coughs. The end of the world is near."
Play Angry Gran Toss Angry Gran Toss Aug. 16, 2014
Who is selling granny cannons?!?
Play SPACE WAR SPACE WAR Aug. 16, 2014
@Raeden It does. You still have $$$/sec and EXP/sec.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Aug. 15, 2014
Hm. I can find gems in salt? *starts dumping out all the salt shakers in my house*
Play Helixteus Helixteus Aug. 13, 2014
@Haiku Do you have the "auto give-to-you" tech? That's probably it.
Play Helixteus Helixteus Aug. 12, 2014
For when Multiverses come out: You must conquer your 15th supercluster in the universe. Take one of the planets in that supercluster and build Energy Ball Makers all around the edge. In the middle, you must make a Inactive Portal (1,575,000,000 cash, 5,000,000 ore and 1000 rare gems) and press "ACTIVATE" button. This will remove all the energy ball makers and suck up 1000 energy a second, but this fades by 20/sec/5 secs. After it all fades, you discover another universe.
Developer response from Apple0726

Multiverses seem really far-fetched as how everything is coded right now, I'll have to do some serious code surgery to implement that.

Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 12, 2014
1 Trillion angels: (Insert player name here) Everything 10% cheaper. See total cash/sec.
Play Stellar Idle Stellar Idle Jul. 24, 2014
Idea: once you get a lot of people (say, one trillion) the screen turns into the Solar System. at 1 quintillion it turns into the galaxy. at 1 nonillion it turns into the universe. At a trillion dencillion it turns into a lot of portals to dimentions.
Play Planet Running Master Planet Running Master Jul. 24, 2014
Is the "m" meters or miles? I have no idea. i mean, im running on an ASTEROID! it could be giant OR tiny!
Developer response from dotacreepy

m stands for metres (meters). mi stands for miles :)

Play SPACE WAR SPACE WAR Jul. 22, 2014
My EXP gain is too slow. Fix that and i might actually rate it positively.
Play Bubble Tanks Bubble Tanks Jul. 18, 2014
LEL. My A key got stuck and i got far away from the middle, where giant bubbles destroyed me entirely. Then i found a bubble that had only 1 enemy that could attack, and it was a Dual Shot. I stayed still, and it kept missing and missing and missing.
Play Free Fred Free Fred Jul. 16, 2014
It's amazing how many people one angry old man can kill.
Play Counterfeit Clicker Counterfeit Clicker Jul. 16, 2014
Good start. You(talking to Dev) remind me of my older brother(nukermage) in his early games.
Play The Amazite The Amazite Jul. 14, 2014
@mozai Hello. Did you confuse a . with a ,? That may be the problem.