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Mar 4, 2015 10:48am

Hey, the IOS version of Escape recently got an update which makes the game run really slowly on my iPhone 4. Is there any way that could be fixed? I love that game!

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Sep 16, 2014 9:14am

can you made a game easy Hard evertime in Escape 350! why not 320 fix it you noob!
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Aug 25, 2014 10:38am


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Dec 7, 2011 5:12am

is there an ending in /ESCAPE\ like when ur somewhat like on 700m and then your out of the tower? if theres 1 can u plz make an impossible badge of it? :D

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May 3, 2012 3:46pm

hi 101 year old man

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scruffyguy Oct 17, 2013 9:38am


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Attack2100 Oct 19, 2013 4:19am

old man making games. lol

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May 18, 2012 12:24pm

In ESCAPE, why does the laser go your speed + its normal speed when it’s under the bottom of the screen? This makes it impossible to get any good distance away from it, and to get high, you need to be accurate with jumping AND ascending fast. If the ascending fast bit could be eliminated, even if just for a little bit, by going very fast at…

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Apr 24, 2012 3:56am

Looc gmaes amn!

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Apr 1, 2012 9:36am

Man, is only it costed nothing instead of $0.99. I would totally get it, because I am not allowed to get money-costing apps. Still, I can play it here.

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Farrell900 Apr 19, 2012 12:43pm

… Thanks for sharing

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Jan 12, 2012 4:18pm

Will you make more games? :D

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563Rawr Jan 19, 2012 7:48am


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LowBro17 Jan 23, 2012 11:55am

:D… If only there was a longer D…

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del7493418 Mar 30, 2012 5:43pm

lol invite me

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Mar 8, 2012 6:06am

864 meters ^^

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Mar 8, 2012 6:02am

I’m a big fan <3333 comment my video pls : =)

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Jan 15, 2012 12:03am

your game is evil! it sucked me in and I can’t stop myself from hitting escape to start another round! I’ve been playing this game for TWELVE HOURS! what is wrong with you?! why did you have to make such an awesome, addictive game?! can you make a sequel to keep me up until dawn?! by the way, I have an infant, and I’m going to be …

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LowBro17 Jan 23, 2012 11:55am

I’ve played for months (Not in a row). I still play it after I got all the badges.

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Jan 14, 2012 10:03pm

only 15 fans? and he made the first app/game

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Jan 14, 2012 11:12am

i just got trolled @ Escape

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Jan 12, 2012 9:00pm

where to download the music ? pls

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Oct 29, 2011 1:18pm

i went to play the game but its just a black screen it does nothing
so now i cant play it for the skyrim quest

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IncredibleApe Nov 1, 2011 3:08pm

This can happen if you have an ad blocker installed. Refreshing the page should fix it.

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steleto Dec 16, 2011 3:17pm

um refresh does nothing it never changes just back but i went on a diff comp so i got it

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Nov 9, 2011 2:27pm

Only one game? :(

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IncredibleApe Nov 9, 2011 2:49pm

Nope! We also made PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew for the xbox 360!

Check out our site at:

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Nuker120 Dec 7, 2011 4:49am

wat must u do in pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew?

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Melfice_1 Dec 13, 2011 7:04am

You move forward all the time. you “jump” (jetpack) by making WHOOOOOSH-Noises and shoot your lasre by saying “pewpewpew”

Its microphone-based

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Aug 25, 2011 12:47pm

You should make a prequel and name it \ ENTER / or \ INSERT /. You could be bringing a bomb or something to destroy the building in / ESCAPE \. Maybe pressing enter makes you jump over obstacles on the way in. Anyway… Great game, keep it up. :)

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SkRAWRk Sep 21, 2011 8:31am

\ ALT / + / F4 \ — The game of trolling nubs~

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Nuker120 Nov 1, 2011 10:25am

or \CRTL/

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Nuker120 Dec 7, 2011 4:50am

or /CRTL\+/W\

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Dec 1, 2011 11:01am


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schonstal Dec 1, 2011 11:20am

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Oct 2, 2011 6:13am


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Sep 12, 2011 6:30pm

Thank you for making escape, it’s an incredibly addictive and fun game that I can’t stop playing, even though I have the badges, and that’s rare. Keep making games, I can’t wait to play those too.

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Sep 6, 2011 9:05pm

I’m reply to your reply… I know that the laser speeds up over time, but if I get to 150 meters in a few seconds and stop the laser is right there, while if I take twice as long to get to 50 meters, I’m still ahead of it. I would have liked it more if you made it so the laser would be at 50 meters in 10 seconds or whatever instead …

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IncredibleApe Sep 7, 2011 4:35pm

Making the laser no more than slightly off screen at the farthest was a conscious decision to keep the gameplay tense.

The laser isn’t actually that much of a threat. You’ll probably be k…

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Sep 3, 2011 5:54pm

I really like this game. Not only is it fun to play, the premise/name is clever. Double win :)

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Sep 2, 2011 2:25pm

Great game!!! I enjoyed playing it for many different reasons, but mainly because it is one of those sort of scrolling action adventure unsuspecting awesome games…

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Aug 27, 2011 4:18pm

Thank you for creating the game \ ESCAPE /; It was probably one of the most addicting Website games ever. :)