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Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Aug. 22, 2012
nice, I'm stuck on: You can skip this ad in 0:05
Play Fixation Fixation May. 08, 2012
Enjoyable but, annoying because I got stuck on 2-3 because there isn't smoke ring meter anymore and passing 2-2 was just dumb luck.
Play City Siege 3: Jungle Siege City Siege 3: Jungle Siege Jan. 04, 2012
Good game, but I hate the fact that if you kill baddies when there still are civilians, VIP's & Stars, the level ends and game doesn't count them to the score.
Play William and Sly 2 William and Sly 2 Dec. 28, 2011
I have rescued 3 pixies and I know where the 4th is, but how you can get it when you can't reach that ledge with normal jump?
Play I Have 1 Day I Have 1 Day Jun. 16, 2011
How do you use haste scroll on the clock? Only thing that happens to me, is just the normal wait 1 hour...
Play Wings of Genesis Guide Wings of Genesis Guide Oct. 14, 2010
Chimera Normal attack: Wind Splitter Damage: 44 per hit (5 bolts) Breath: Chaos Thunder Damage: 4176 per second Type: Piercing Special effect: If the beast is enraged, two chaos thunders will be cast. Perk: Untamed protector: Whenever the rider is hit, this beast becomes enraged for 10 seconds. It gains 30 morale and a 20% boost to damage. Attribute bonus: +3 to All Movement: 10
Play Wings of Genesis Guide Wings of Genesis Guide Oct. 14, 2010
Behemoth Normal attack: Lightning Orb Damage: 1112 Special effect: Splits on impact (8 bolts). Breath: Obliterate Damage: 15568 per second Special effect: Behemoth releases an extremely powerful lightning ray. Riders are temporarily Disabled but gain Invincibility. Perk: Embodiment of chaos: The riders attacks are imbued with chaotic power. Each attack can freeze, poison or cause explosions. Attribute bonus: +6 Power Movement: 9
Play Ninjufo Ninjufo Aug. 12, 2009
Fun game, but.. boohoo, I can't get the last box. both ways are blocked by electricity and no switch near...
Play Brute Wars 2 Brute Wars 2 Aug. 11, 2009
Berries: PWW = Give Minotaur to Roster
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Aug. 06, 2009
In scene 8 how you really can make lines horizontal, cause my clicking allways fails...
Play GUNROX: Quest for the Holy Grenade GUNROX: Quest for the Holy Grenade Aug. 05, 2009
Fun, until you die...
Play Sprout Sprout Feb. 01, 2009
a little bis short, but fun game.
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 30, 2009
nvm, got it :D
Play Two Rooms Two Rooms Jan. 30, 2009
How do you complete lvl 10 the blue moves too fast and green too slow...
Play Bubble Tanks 2 Bubble Tanks 2 Jan. 29, 2009
Good game, but I hate those machine gunners cause they tear you down too fast :(