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Name: Siegfred Albiero
Race: Human
Bio: Siegfred is a mage-in-training at the Saint Pietrov Ministry of Magic, currently learning to become a vagabond mage that will assist those in need of help. His currently specialty is ice magic, though he is also working on lighting magic for better offense. Despite his young age, he is quite intelligent yet can be oblivious on certain topics that he has no knowledge about. Not to mention his innocence about the world around him.
Name: Yther Irumati
Race: Human
Bio: Yther is a samurai who believes in one saying, and one saying only. That in order to achieve victory, sacrifice is needed. That being said, he is often injured in some way or form. Due to his frequent ‘sacrifices’ though, he knows a good amount of healing techniques. A loner for the most part, Yther moves from village to village, taking job requests to sustain himself during his travels.
Pic: http://wallpapers.net/wallpapers/anime_samurai-1366×768.jpg
Name: Drunder
Race: Robot
Bio: Drunder was created in the Iron Ocean Laboratory using nano-technology to allow him to shapeshift into other beings after analyzing their habits and tendencies in order to become a weapon of war for the army as an assassin. Their plans backfired when a virus worked its way into his system and corrupted him to the core, turning him into an unpredictable sociopath with a love for blood. He wanders around now, creating chaos for others, and leaving behind thick pools of blood.
Pic: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs12/i/2006/293/7/1/anime_robot_by_airaf.jpg
Name: Gunir Bandenburg
Race: Human
Bio: Gunir is a magician on the run. He robs banks and steals the money of millions during his live shows to fill his own greedy pockets. Despite his thievery, he has a soft heart for the unfortunate, and spends time improving their lives as he remains wanted in over 16 different countries. A living Robin Hood, if you will.
Pic: http://hdwallpaper.ws/images/2012/09/-Brunettes-Smoking-Feathers-Pandora-Hearts-Anime-Anime-Boys-Gilbert-Nightray-Golden-Eyes-Hats-Fresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper—.jpg

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