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Dec 25, 2012 1:16pm

To all my Friends: Merry Christmas and a happy new year. :D

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May 12, 2012 6:22pm

Hmm Last Login: Aug. 08, 2011, Its been awhile.

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Dec 22, 2009 11:42pm

This goes out to all my friends, new and old… I’m not one for christmas really, but i’m sure everyone else is! So i’m wishing you all a merry cheerful christmas. I hope you haven’t forgotten about your good friend Neo _ Take care.

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May 9, 2009 8:24am

Hi JC I wanted to thank you for voting for me. I hope I can do a good job. Thank you so much again buddy.

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Apr 20, 2009 7:37am

Judging by where I am on the list I assume I managed to find my way into the “I’ll get around to it but not right now” friending process. No hard feelings though, cause we all know pie is good.

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Apr 16, 2009 1:00pm

Are you an anonymous?If so AWESEOME scientology is a major threat to its members and everyone else.I Thank God for people who stand against such corruption.

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Apr 3, 2009 10:48pm

Hey JC, I made the ACW in 3D (not colored yet). Wondering if you have any feedback on it =)


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Mar 29, 2009 7:51pm

I just stopped visiting, The 08’ers and late 07’ers Annoy me too much

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Mar 17, 2009 11:59pm

dude how did you get the hard badge in shooping cart hero

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Feb 24, 2009 9:18pm

Sorry we didn’t have a chance to chat for more than a few minutes tonight… good seeing you as always.

If you get the chance, come visit the game more often – the players would like to see you, and so would some of the TRA. Don’t worry, I know that life is hectic – I’m sure the gaming world can wait.

Beefmalone i…

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Feb 17, 2009 7:22am

Hey I grabbed the last slot in 10-16 to make sure nobody else got it. Password is what we discussed the other night. Let me know and I’ll turn it over to you or whatever. Just didn’t want some asshole to grab the name. :) PM me on yahoo or I’ll be on the game tonight.

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Jan 16, 2009 5:07pm

Dude! I’m always online ;) Where you been? :P

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Jan 14, 2009 9:46pm

That was fast! Now just try to get as far as you can in bounty run on fast and hardcore mode turned on!
But good job on getting the impossible badge. Don’t earn any awards for a while so it stays it!

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Jan 14, 2009 6:02pm

Getting the 10 minute bounty run: Go to options and set the spawn limit at 8. Equip the Red Armor and the Bio suit. Then start it up on slow, and just don’t do anything. Yes, it’s boring, but at least you have a decent shot at getting the award. That’s how I got mine.
Hope this helps!

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Jan 14, 2009 1:00pm

Once you get the razor queen/claw/sword thing, it’s just of a matter of time before you get the impossible badge. What I found the best way to kill her, is to use the SplatMaster 3000 instead of the Razor/claw/sword thing, because it only takes one hit to kill her. And then just do what the guide say. It might take a while, but (hopefully), y…

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Jan 13, 2009 7:44pm

Go for the impossible badge on Amorphous!

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Oct 25, 2008 6:58pm

never mind i changed my avatar

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Sep 26, 2008 10:05pm

hey cesar. i got a great symbol for your Roman Army. it is my avatar. go to wikipedia and look up “romans”. then click the thing on the top. then, it is the pic on the right. then just take a screan pic and get rid of the grey squared in paint.

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Sep 3, 2008 2:11pm

Nah…I went ahead and removed it. I dont need to see what you have to say to care. I never did in the first place.

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Sep 3, 2008 2:10pm

On the contrary. I remove spam comments, not others. Also, I could care less of what you have to say. Can it, clown.

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Aug 26, 2008 11:32pm

Hello Caesar! Long time no see. I should stop by the game more often. Have a great day.

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Aug 22, 2008 9:32am

thanks alot Caesar,i’ll do my best to design ships.. :)

and btw i’ve posted about the hackers,so far it hasn’t been noticed yet..but i’ll try my best..

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Aug 19, 2008 8:07pm



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Aug 17, 2008 5:11pm

where is this planet?

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Jun 27, 2008 4:19pm

Rings are randomly oriented when you enter the sector each time.