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Play PicTune PicTune Sep. 01, 2013
I can work out what it is easily, the hard part is putting a name to it.
Play Run 2 Run 2 Aug. 03, 2013
I ragequit when I discovered the special reward for getting everything was DOUBLE JUMP. YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Oct. 06, 2012
I must say, I just love the way the soundtrack changes between regions. You've pulled it off /brilliantly/~
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 28, 2012
Also, a bug: If you play the game twice in one sitting, checkpoints don't release the swirly lines unless you refresh. They still count, but it looks boring :(
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 28, 2012
Can we have a total jump count at the end of the game for challenging ourselves? Because I'm really loving this game, it's my third time through it XD
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 17, 2012
Wow, this game is a masterpiece. My favourite part would have to be the moving row of yellows which you had to survive on.
Play Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs Jun. 27, 2012
Not that I'm complaining, but you know it's a sad day when "no premium content" becomes a flash game advertising tagline.
Play RichState RichState Jun. 27, 2012
Blurimus: The sound is there, it's just off by default.
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 10, 2012
This game would be a 5/5 for me, but the memory leak knocks it all the way down to a 3. Ruins an otherwise brilliant game.
Play Badge Master Badge Master Mar. 02, 2012
Wriest, it only counts the points you've earned directly through badges.
Play Sushi Cat Sushi Cat Feb. 27, 2012
Smurf123: There's a button to restart the level.
Play Chuck the Sheep Chuck the Sheep Jan. 21, 2012
For those of you that are curious, the first "zone" (Prickly pastures, snowball flats, etc) is called "Hello." There's a glitch about boosting with a destroyed fuel tank that makes you go backwards XD
Play Badge Master Badge Master Jan. 19, 2012
Tenth, there is a form you can fill out (linked to at the bottom of the achievements tab in the chat window) that lets you request a badge manually. You'll need a screenshot to prove you earned the badge, but that's not exactly difficult :P
Play Badge Master Badge Master Jan. 18, 2012
Could we perhaps have a stat to show our percentage of badge points? It's not exactly difficult to calculate (there's a high score already with it!) and it'd save a bunch of manual calculation XD
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Oct. 22, 2011
bobertlyer: Everyone comes back multiple times to replay it? I know I'm replaying it right now.
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 08, 2011
Well, they /did/ say that Derse would inevitably win... (I can't have been the only one who saw Homestuck in this)
Play Adapt or Die Adapt or Die May. 18, 2011
I think it might be nice if the start button on the preloader actually started the game. Not auto-rating 1/5 because I'd assume it's a bug on my end, but... :S
Play Faultline Faultline May. 17, 2011
Anyways, beat the game. First time I've ever actually beaten a Nitrome game, and the only real reason for that is because your score isn't reset every time you fail XD I enjoyed it a lot, and the mechanic was very original, if a little confusing at times. Oh well, 5/5 because it's a brilliant game.
Play Faultline Faultline May. 17, 2011
I am AMAZED at how long it took me to solve Room 10 >_<
Play Edmus Edmus May. 10, 2011
Great multiplayer concept added to the simple genre, but I was wondering if there was any way to force your best game to be one of the ones loaded? It's sort of annoying when I can only see my past game about 50% of the time... Thanks.