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Play Idle Mine Idle Mine May. 24, 2014
please guys, just like texts are not for showing of d*cks, comments are not for showing of picks
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine May. 12, 2014
@flameaim as of what I've read, it just takes the best out of N tries if you use N gems. They say it probably isn't worth it because it costs gold. I think it can be usefull tho, if you're farming gems while on another tab, having to click craft 250+ times isn't really great
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine May. 06, 2014
@Dragonslayer8451 Any ore you can one hit will do. The chance and speed of getting gems wont increase if you go further back than the last one you can one hit, but you will still get a little bit of gold.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Dec. 18, 2012
@uyarp its a CCG=Collectible Card Game, not a TCG=Tradeable card game. a trade system would be OP.
Play The Great War of Prefectures The Great War of Prefectures Nov. 27, 2012
i hate it how when a CPU decides to go tanky: 13 shield units+12 medics... unbreak-able
Play Tyrant Tyrant Nov. 22, 2012
@hong maybe patrol cruiser...
Play Tyrant Tyrant Nov. 19, 2012
@s4onutx adding a 3rd row wont help, as you would still pick one. doing this and adding a 2nd pick would increase chances, but WB's are off course meant to be hard to obtain(except buying them). if everyone were to get 5 wb's everyday, no-one would buy them and the devs would have no income.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Nov. 13, 2012
Tom7605 how awkward that you misspelled spelled... go back to your cave.
Play Steamlands Steamlands Oct. 28, 2012
hate that it takes 3 mins after i click start mission, also not enjoying the 1 min wait to get to shop.(travelling tank only)
Play Tyrant Tyrant Oct. 22, 2012
they should enable people to buy warbonds, at a high exchange rate that decreases if you save up: 10 - 20.000, 25 - 90.000, 50 - 150.000, 100 - 275.000, 200 - 525.000 and so on...
Play Tyrant Tyrant Oct. 16, 2012
how about a auto-skip button?
Play Tyrant Tyrant Oct. 10, 2012
@digi: it is based on level, and people who spend war bonds might start out with more rares. also, if you are waiting longer, i feel like the match-up accepts a larger difference.
Play Sports Heads: Football Championship Sports Heads: Football Championship Oct. 07, 2012
CPU in tournament are to hard when you start of, could use a fix
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Oct. 03, 2012
@johnny1206 you're or experiencing lag or your key is stuck. in case of a stuck key, hit it again and your smiley will stop.
Play Super Karoshi Super Karoshi Oct. 01, 2012
how do you get past armorgames level?
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Jun. 24, 2012
@kirsters9 i have a design for one
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Jun. 19, 2012
@guts120 and @likeanonion: i played minecraft a short while. the main differences would be all of the doors, gravity, we would be able to make minis. it would actually be a whole different thing if we would just keep the room, keep out enemies, no predesigned land, no weaps and such. i also like the tubes, even if it were just a 2D idea.
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 17, 2012
@mongonorway: you just click the F/twitter bird. skins and levels will unlock immediatly. no likes or follows needed... vote up so others can see!!!
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 16, 2012
to get twitter and facebook skins: just click the f and the bird, and the skins will appear! no likes or follows needed! thumbs up so people see!
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Jun. 14, 2012
people please leave out al the unecessary comments like: yay another update, BUG, minecraft related(its not minecraft), adding extra magic(not gonna happen), trolling, saying you have a bug(there are EE forums for bug report). sorry for this needless post but i think someone has to say it(again).