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Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Dec. 30, 2011
I used to troll people, then I took a vagina to the dick.
Play 'Tis an Idle Game 'Tis an Idle Game Apr. 25, 2011
I love that I am basically the only person who "plays" this.
Play 'Tis an Idle Game 'Tis an Idle Game Feb. 07, 2011
not nearly as famous as me, the sexiest man ever.
Play 'Tis an Idle Game 'Tis an Idle Game Feb. 05, 2011
1/5 no mute button
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 08, 2011
while messing around with the pressure system I also noticed that the particles always pull to the left regardless of where the shock wave is coming from. Im guessing this isnt a bug so Im not reporting it there, but I am wondering your reasons for it. Thanks in advance.
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 08, 2011
I love the pressure system and cant wait until it reaches its full potential, and while messing around with I thought of something. Have you ever considered putting hotkeys to the elements so you can switch quickly, or adding the left and right click functions for multiple element use like in the powder game? adding something like that would make processes like making glass much easier and having clear or fire as the "secondary" would be very useful in my opinion.
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 07, 2011
I dont know if this is intentional or not, but gunpowder doesnt try to "level out" into a pyramid, it stacks into pillars
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 05, 2011
@awes, I think he did the right thing making it so it stays where ever it was made no matter if water is above or below it. It is a powder so it would probably float around on top is not saturated and if saturated it would float around at whatever level it is.
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 04, 2011
Ya, thats a good point, thank you for paying attention to my and others ideas and providing feedback, thats something for developers should do
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 04, 2011
thank you very much, the speeds are a lot better now. =D
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 04, 2011
Oh, and also, a pile of gunpouder or stick of c4 doesnt just burn out, it blows up. Dont know how hard an explosion would be to implement. Maybe you could just make everything x distance away be replaced by fire if c4 or gunpouder is y thick or something along those lines
Play SandTest SandTest Jan. 04, 2011
Great game, been playing it since it came out, but with this latest update the temp. effects are lasting a really long time and fire effects look weird (for example, c4 or gunpowder burning, it looks like its running slowly and jerkily)-to clarify, I mean the gundpowder/c4 itsself, not so much the flames- I like the way this worked before this update much more. I do like this virus better and the addition of gunpowder. Thanks for the great game
Play Epic Coaster Epic Coaster Aug. 03, 2010
You have to love it when you think you underjumped, but end up getting a perfect jump =D great game 5/5
Play Numz Numz Jul. 29, 2010
For all for all of you complaining about the lack of a mute button, there is one. press 0 on your keyboard - multiple times also works.
Play Wike Test Wike Test Jun. 19, 2010
Great game, 5/5 , I just wish there was a mute button
Play Elements Elements Jun. 07, 2010
vishtu, level 5 is a Half-Blood, level 6 is a fake god. you have to have at least 500 score to pay them
Play Robot Wants Puppy Robot Wants Puppy May. 15, 2010
Great game, i loved the first one and love this one.I thought that the beginning, with the whole rebellion that has nothing to do with anything and the literally iron tentacles was hilarious. Actually, the whole game was pretty funny. great job, 5/5
Play Elements Elements Mar. 23, 2010
what does the import/export button do? when i have copied and pasted the code it didnt do anything except move the cards i already had out to my storage. Also, great game 5/5
Play Particle Blast Particle Blast Feb. 20, 2010
Fun game, my score is 100 4/5
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Feb. 15, 2010
great game. 5/5. I liked the attention to detail such as mcd throwing hamburgers, santa throwing presents, col throwing chicken, and mj moon walking. I also liked the gameplay and simple graphics