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Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 21, 2015
save option is under options
Play Sloppy Ninja - Destiny Sloppy Ninja - Destiny Feb. 15, 2015
quite fun but don't make us restart from lvl 1 =P
Play ZombiUpClicker ZombiUpClicker Feb. 08, 2015
needs offline gains like all the other great idle games
Play Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Jan. 26, 2015
or make it boost the boost we got, cuz -500% to a boost of 2 million is worthless lol
Play Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Jan. 26, 2015
the rank system is useless, please buff it up so it gives a % of the boost we already got or remove it completely thanks
Play Monster Spawner Monster Spawner Jan. 15, 2015
50,85 x 250% = 127,125 NOT 62,1, your math is beyond horrible
Play Idle Planet Defender Idle Planet Defender Dec. 31, 2014
horrible balance, higher level ships give such a tiny reward that progressing to the higher levels is pointless, therefor the longing to idle to progress is none existent, test your game and check if there is any point to the system you implemented before you upload it next time
Play generic money clicker (test) generic money clicker (test) Dec. 21, 2014
all the buttons work, alot of extra numbers like 0,998716 appear too often, no offline save or memory system when page is refreshed and next time add a dot or a comma every 3 letters since a string of numbers gets confusing, also you need alot of art for a game to get anywhere, or alot of interesting code like the "Idling to rule the gods" guy did, good luck with your future projects
Developer response from awesomeguy200

Yeah I will try to fix this in 0.04, but it's maybe because of the javascript because the math operators are a little less precise, but nevertheless I'll try to fix.

Play Epic Time Pirates Epic Time Pirates Dec. 12, 2014
customized crew doesn't appear in the fights and when I customized myself I spawned above the fight area, other then those bugs, its a fun game
Play Fishtopia Tycoon Fishtopia Tycoon Nov. 27, 2014
another flappy bird remake............
Play Kingdom Wars Idle Kingdom Wars Idle Nov. 18, 2014
more of a clicker then an idler tbh
Play Dog Vs. Homework Dog Vs. Homework Sep. 02, 2014
idling is too weak for this game to be an idle game, need some balance tweaking but there is potential here
Developer response from helgravis

Thanks JackyO! Feedback noted.

Play Saga of Ragnar Saga of Ragnar Nov. 26, 2013
add upgrades and this game is awsome ^^
Play King's Rider King's Rider Nov. 26, 2013
loved the ending xD , fun game with a decent challenge, great job =)
Play Rogan the Swordmaster Rogan the Swordmaster Nov. 22, 2013
coin magnet plz
Play Super Hammer Super Hammer Nov. 08, 2013
fun game but losing all of our bought guns on death is beyond annoying
Play Moon Defender Moon Defender Sep. 12, 2013
nothing really fights back and upgrades are kinda meh-ish, other then that it is a fun little game ^_^ 3/5
Play Outer Invasion Outer Invasion Jul. 05, 2013
fun game, as many said before.. it needs an ending, story or atleast a boss and maybe a rechargeable energy shield since it is a spaceship lol 4/5 for now
Play Sewer Escape 2 Sewer Escape 2 Jun. 26, 2013
fun game 4/5 , but needs more passive upgrades for a 5/5
Play God of Trash God of Trash Jun. 23, 2013
a potato with a human head that walks around, waving his STick at trash and shopping carts o.O?.... game has no purpose, next time work more on the gameplay side and less on the youtube cutscene and it might be quite decent ^^