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Modded 5/6/13 :D

On 11/6/13 Michaelan was my first silence, be proud of this young Mich.
Became Room Owner of MalFunction on 20/09/13

I now have all three all-time highscores on Watch Paint Dry. What is my life.

In my opinion, The best band ever

All that goes on in my mind

I love this so much
I am underwear, Thomas and Martin explained this to me.

My profile picture is no longer the lovely Tuxedo Mask. But rather a very spiffy Cthulhu.
The Cthulhu profile picture has been cast to the bottom of the ocean in favour of The Wings Of Freedom.
The Wings Of Freedom have been clipped and eaten by my sisters cat Castiel.
After a terrible cross-over series Castiel has been chest busted by a Festive Xenomorph.
To celebrate the new year Festive Xenomorph tried to continue its life cycle, sadly for it The Man Who Wears A Box can not be facehugged.
A new challenger has entered the fray! Hazama from Bla-OHGOD THERE’S SO MANY SYSTEMS ITS SO CONFUSING.

I decided to update this small section to tell Iman he is made by apple, and that he is the best pokémod I could ever sacrifice to heal a better pokémod.

Jerry stay the hell away from my profile

“One gear, go EPIC WINNING

If a zombie bites you, bite it back!

“Penderz: you mad scientist, you” I count that as a qualification for being a mad scientist.

“Penderz: shemale swan. start taking notes.”

“Cehllyorsoitic: I curcumscribed a lampshade with pear cider flavoured spectacles”

“Leumasss: That shows that chtulhu is on a mobile phone!”

“Ace_Blue: If I ever make a RPG you might an NPC
Ace_Blue: *might be” CLOSE ENOUGH

“ZaogaRapid: I live inside Jamie’s fetus”

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Play Chatroom Thinking Game!
Chatroom Thinking Game!

A game to get people THINKING, not DRINKING!

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