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Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Nov. 09, 2014
Temperary workaround each time it gets laggy: Click "save" under the transcend menu. Works for me
Play Obliterate Everything 2 Obliterate Everything 2 Mar. 01, 2013
Why do you not get credit for replaying a mission. Doesn't have to be the full amount, but why not half or something. A fault i my oppinion. But cheer for a great game. :)
Play Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Feb. 02, 2013
I would really like a "next puzzle" and "clear all data" function in this game. Cheers for a wonderfull game. :)
Play Takeover Takeover Nov. 04, 2012
I love this game, but the badges don't work :(