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Play Night of Shadows Night of Shadows Dec. 22, 2010
yeah also, the jumping doesn't work after the first screen
Play Night of Shadows Night of Shadows Dec. 22, 2010
could someone please send me a message containing the link to the intro song, for a free download. PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?
Play One Choice One Choice Dec. 19, 2010
another game with just a white dot on the screen! I love it! That little guy is starting to grow on me...
Play HyperSpace Wars 4 HyperSpace Wars 4 Dec. 19, 2010
it was really good. I liked it. Oh and... FIRST! Please don't downrate this comment, 'cause I know you like being first too, so don't take away the joy for me. Press + if you like being first to comment.
Play Push and Pull Push and Pull Dec. 15, 2010
i love the music of this game. could someone send me a message containing the link for a free download? also AWESOME game...
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 12, 2010
oh yeah and... 5/5 BEST GAME EVER!
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 12, 2010
Play YouKongregate YouKongregate Dec. 07, 2010
this is just purely awesome! I mean, now I can go to watch videos while I'm playing another game on here. (I know it doesn't make sense) but just, I gotta say, GENIUS!
Play The Game The Game Dec. 07, 2010
seriously dude, EPIC FAIL!
Play A Blue Button Part 4 A Blue Button Part 4 Dec. 05, 2010
i really really liked it. these kind of games that need to be made more on kong.
Play Pong Pong Dec. 05, 2010
BLANK SCREENS ARE AWESOME! the white dot in the middle was a nice touch...
Play Fun Game Is Fun Fun Game Is Fun Dec. 05, 2010
Some of the best games I've played on kong are ones with blank screens...
Play Fallen From The Moon Fallen From The Moon Dec. 05, 2010
pretty cute, if you added some more complicated levels, and some actual chain reactions, I think it would be even awesomer (if that's even possible!)
Play Guitar Hero - (weevils) Guitar Hero - (weevils) Dec. 05, 2010
it's games like this that make me wanna mad, and sad at the same time. >:,{
Play Wolfenstein 5K Flash Wolfenstein 5K Flash Dec. 05, 2010
are you sure you weren't high when you made this? this sort of reminds me of an acid trip...
Play the worlds best game the worlds best game Dec. 05, 2010
umm... my dog kinda liked it...
Play Voodoo Doll creator Voodoo Doll creator Dec. 05, 2010
I sorta like it... however, it would be alot better if you added a part where you could select a target on the game, and actually USE the voo-doo doll. just a thought...
Play The Inevitable Death of Sprocket The Inevitable Death of Sprocket Dec. 05, 2010
the screen is way too small, but other than that, I like it. It's got that, retro thang, ya no? 5/5
Play The Gauntlet The Gauntlet Dec. 01, 2010
I like the random businessman, walking down the red carpet, in the background...
Play The Asian ButtOn The Asian ButtOn Dec. 01, 2010
I get it! Apparently, the asian button is short, pale, and very quiet... (P.S. I M NOT A RACIST)