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Play Loved Loved Jun. 18, 2010
Great game! I enjoyed it a lot. A bit awkward and different, but worh playing. 5/5
Play Snail Snail May. 15, 2010
I'm glad the snail didn't die at the end! :)
Play Kongregolf Kongregolf May. 10, 2010
Great game, but it's too short and there are too many popups.
Play Epsilon Epsilon May. 08, 2010
If you need some help with the levels, check my walkthrough videos for this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cPIlyybPWQ
Play A Knight's Story 2 A Knight's Story 2 Apr. 21, 2010
Awesome game. I play AKS2 very often because it's one of the best idle games I've ever played! The graphics are awesome, the retro style has been very well drawn. The amount of characters this game has is nice, there are several characters to choose from and they're all very nice, with their own stats and special attack. The landscapes and the enemies are also very well drawn! And it also gets updated very often, it's great! → 5/5 ←
Play Mushroom Madness 2 Mushroom Madness 2 Apr. 01, 2010
Awesome, I'm glad Kongai cards are back! Mushroom Madness 2 is really good! Lets hope it gets badges soon. But I must say, it has some great graphics. I just love the 3D graphics it has! The sound of this game is also quite good. It's also fun to play this game, I had a nice time playing it. I also like the idea of not actually being in the game; the animals cannot hit you or anything like that, you're just out of the screen and all you do is shoot and hit. The concept of the game is good too, just a classic game in which you must destroy your enemies, collect their money and upgrade. It's replayable too, you don't get bored after playing it once, if you play it again you enjoy it as much as you did the first time. Great game, King.com! → 5/5 ←
Play Pretty Pretty Bang Bang: Remix Pretty Pretty Bang Bang: Remix Mar. 30, 2010
I didn't like this game much... The concept of this game is weird: exploding balls? The sound of this game is awful, I just hate the music it has. You could've picked a better music choice. The sound of the balls exploding is realistic, though. The graphics are really bad, I really think the balls could've been drawn much better and also the bosses could've been drawn in a better way. The controls are good, though, good that we don't have to use arrow keys or WASD, mouse is better in this game. Gameplay is bad too, it's not very fun to play... → 2/5 ←
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 17, 2010
Robot Wants Kitty review: http://kongcg.blogspot.com/2010/03/robot-wants-kitty-video-review.html
Play [chat] [chat] Feb. 27, 2010
I love the way the chat is so big! Very useful if you don't want to play any game or just chat. And the 'Did you know?' feature is also nice. This will soon be much more popular than idle games and obviously also more popular than other just chat games! → 5/5 ←
Play Elements Elements Feb. 13, 2010
Elements review: http://kongcg.blogspot.com/2010/02/elements.html
Play Ultimate Assassin 2 Ultimate Assassin 2 Nov. 21, 2009
I loved this game! I enjoyed Ultimate Assassin 2 a lot. The music and sound are both awesome, and great for this type of game. Its difficulty is average, many games like this are too hard, this one's difficulty is exactly how it should be. This game's graphics are very very good too! I like how the characters and also the background have been drawn. The game's gameplay is high, it's very fun to play and also very fun. The controls are not too difficult, and the idea of invisibilty and running are good. → 5/5 ←
Play A Quest for Idle A Quest for Idle Sep. 27, 2009
A Quest for Idle review: http://kongcg.blogspot.com/2009/09/quest-for-idle-review.html
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Sep. 08, 2009
Little Wheel is a very nice flash game. It's very good, and the beginning story was quite nice too. The music it has it very nice, I like it a lot, even though it's not my type of thing, but still after having beaten it over an hour ago, I still have it just to chat and listen to the music. Its difficulty is a bit easy, in my honest opinion, there's normally just like 3 options to choose from, which makes it too easy. The graphics are very nice indeed. Only a few colours were a better choice than lots in such a game. Gameplay is fun, very enjoyable and relaxing at a time. The controls are just clicking, so they're good and work well. I'm glad that 9 sponsored such a nice game! → 5/5 + fav'd ←
Play This is the Only Level This is the Only Level Sep. 03, 2009
I like this game. It is very similar Achievement Unlock apart from the achievements, obviously, but the graphics are the same. The game is kind of hard. Some levels are hard to understand. The graphics are nice, same as Achievements Unlocked, but the idea of what to put in the graphics is very similar to it. Anyway, it's still good. The gameplay is fun at times, but confusing at others... The controls are good, confusing sometimes as there are levels with different controls... It didn't give me the badge for some reason, but I submitted it and hope I do get it tomorrow. I woold've prefered a sequel to Achievement Unlocked than a such similar game. → 4/5 ←
Play Exorbis 2 Exorbis 2 Jul. 07, 2009
After beating this game (at last!) I think it's one of the hardest games I've ever played. The idea is quite hard. Some levels are insanely hard! Even with a walkthrough! I didn't like its sound or music... Exorbis 2's difficulty is insane. Some levels are just unthinkable. At least it's easy and medium badges are quite easy to get. It's got some awesome graphics. All the items created have been done very good. The main menu is nice too! The graphics might be the best thing in this game. Good work. Its gameplay depends if you're good at it or not. It'll be fun if you like it, it won't if you don't, obviously. EditUndo's game has good controls, just the mouse and clicking the direction of the ords or how they should turn. I wouldn't like a sequel to this, it was too hard, I'd like it if it were going to be easy, but I doubt that. This game is too much thinking and clicking, after this all you want to do is relax... → 3/5 ←
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Jul. 05, 2009
After playing Amorphous+ these last few days, I think this game is one of the best on the site. It has many modes, options, achievements and many other things which make this game great. I'd recommend to use Hazard Suit and Reactive Armor as rewards in-game, they're both very efficient. This game's sound is really good with all sorts of effects for killing the glooples. I don't particularly like any of this game's songs, I thought they were all pretty bad. Its difficulty depends on which mode you're playing and what you want to achieve, but it's generally difficult. Its graphics have been very well done. All glooples and the main character have been done very well. While playing this game you will have fun because of its variety in all sorts of glooples and stuff. Its controls are very good, making your character go wherever you want with the mouse, is the best idea, because if it were the same with arrow keys, this game would be lower rated. It's a good game in general. → 5/5 ←
After beating this game I thought that its overrated. It's got a high rating because of the easyness of its badges. Though the game is good. I like its idea: a game in which you have to upgrade and make the game better. The shooting game in it is also very good. This game's music is great. High volume, noisy, nice beat and tecno-ish. Its sound in-game is also good, its shooting for example. You chose this game's music very wisely. It doesn't have much difficulty, it's easy to beat and its gameplay is fun. This game is funny and fun to play. I can't rate the graphics in a particular way here, as this game's graphics change as you upgrade them, but I have to say that the buttons' graphics aren't very good 'til the last one. Upgrade Complete's controls are easy to use and it's great as it combines the mouse with the arrow keys, but not at once. Somehow, ArmorGames, all your games are fun! :D → 4/5 ←
Play Metro.Siberia Metro.Siberia Jul. 04, 2009
After playing this game for 2 days, I'd like to say that I love its main idea. This game is uncomparable to Copter games. It has so many things in different, like much better graphics or even a main menu. Its sound and music is quite good. I wouldn't give it a very high rating in this, though. The song is sad, it needs more rythm! Metro.Siberia's difficulty is not very high or low. It has an easy level which is pretty straight forward and a medium and a hard level which, as said, have harder difficulties which are even with the first level's easyness. The best thing about this game, is its graphics. They're impressive. Just 2 colours were involved, but they were perfectly used including a nice background. Salomonsson's game is fun to play. It's a good game to play when bored. Its controls are good aswell, as it only requires to press space. I'll do a game this month, in which you have to achieve scores, and I'll undoubtedly choose this game for one of its phases. → 4/5 ←
Play Anika's Odyssey Anika's Odyssey Jul. 04, 2009
Just when I finished this game (and got its 15-point badge) I thought it was very well elaborated and it's interesting to play. The sound and music of this game was generally quite good and interesting. The main menu music is relaxing and peaceful and nice to listen to. People don't think about graphics in games with such high graphics. They just think in other things in-game, but they really have to aprreaciate your fabulous art, Trickysheep. Anika, the background, the monsters, the hawk, etc, are all very well done, good job! While playing this game it's just great and relaxing, with several background sounds and noises and awesome gameplay. Anika's Odyssey's controls are just the normal Point and Click controls with the mouse, which is good and simple. This game's idea is very interesting, a girl fetches a bucket of water, but she has a lot of adventures while getting it as she lost her doll. This game really does deserve a much higher rating for all it has. → 5/5 ←
Play The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 Jul. 04, 2009
After beating this game today I think this game is very good. It's very similar to any other TSJoR game, which might seem bad to some, but I think that's the whole point, to make it similar to the previous games you've done. I really enjoyed the music and sound of this game. It's slightly repetitive, but enjoyable to listen to. I enjoy it very much and it makes me want to stop playing the game and just listen to its music. Very good choice. It doesn't have much difficulty, you might get stuck at some point, but you can think about it and you'll know what the answer to it is. TSJoF:C3's graphics are very impressive. Both Liam and Reemus and have been done very well and also the background, that might be the best. All the monsters are also very well drawn, good job. The gameplay is nice and enjoyable. You'll sure have a good 5 - 10 minutes playing this Point and Click game. The controls are great as there's only need of a mouse. → 5/5 ←