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Play The Money Makers The Money Makers May. 23, 2015
The offline bank calculation is wrong - 3x Bank + 2x Bond + 1x Currency + 1x Gold = $168 per min. That should fill a $4,000 wallet in 24 mins but actually takes 1 hour 36 mins
Developer response from AlpagaGames

Yepp, but things are more complex. Investments while being offline works slower. Why? When you are online but afk you are taxed each month and year so being offline should also be nerfed somehow. Otherwise it is better to stay offline than online :).

Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator May. 14, 2015
There's no longer a bug report button but Hive Empresses should be hatched not grown
Play Holyday City Holyday City May. 11, 2015
Don't forget to use the dock to sell all your resources just before taking a new town to maximise your cash to spend in the office!
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 28, 2015
Asking for 5/5 in game just lost you a star
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 25, 2015
Could we not sell food to buy electricity?
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 25, 2015
There's something ironic about ships full of migrant workers coming to a town with triple shifts and heavy pollution, expecting the "holyday/holiday dream"
Developer response from HolydayStudios

Triple shift is for the business, not for workers, they work 6 hours per day only. People in that city dont have problems, you will see in the upcoming stories :)

Play Family Rush Family Rush Mar. 17, 2015
Lol they shoul use the team name Suicide Kittens
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Feb. 07, 2015
Where the heck did the "Buy All" button go? I've never seen a game that needs one quite as much as this does
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 30, 2015
Tips: Spend all bonuses on Attack. After lv 30 exit, re-enter lv 0 and kill everything for potions that last till lv 70. Enchant artifacts with HP/MP Regen. Walls that sparkle contain artifacts.
Play Bloons Monkey City Bloons Monkey City Dec. 11, 2014
Contested teritory stops at round 4. WTB fix
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Oct. 17, 2014
Ok you've badly messed this up. The game was popular for being simple clear and addictive, and you've chosen to "honor" us with a badly coded laggy remake with chaotic backgrounds and patterns, buttons galore and in dire need of a tutorial. Thanks for the change that absolutely nobody asked for, not.
Play Gravitee Wars Online Gravitee Wars Online Oct. 01, 2014
Music is much better now
Play Gravitee Wars Online Gravitee Wars Online Sep. 29, 2014
The music is poor during the tutorial, having to mute a game in beta within 5 minutes of loading it is a first
Play Bad Eggs Online 2 Bad Eggs Online 2 Sep. 19, 2014
Needs a block player button so we don't have to put up with trolls like Jagu following people to ruin their games
Play Idle Village Idle Village Sep. 03, 2014
This game's being killed off by the developer failing to listen to comments and not updating the game. If it wasn't for the music it'd be dead already.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 31, 2014
How about a x10 and x100 button similar to AdvCap to show the price of buying those amounts of Hero Levels
Play Idle Village Idle Village Aug. 30, 2014
Black screen may indicate a problem with unity on your computer because had no issues running the game here (well now that the mouse works)
Play Idle Village Idle Village Aug. 29, 2014
At midnight all the food is eaten to produce an extra child. I get that. If you have 30 food you get 1 child. If you have 230 food you still only get 1 child. Why?
Play Idle Village Idle Village Aug. 29, 2014
How about passive achievements like +5% productivity while unemployment < 1%
Play Idle Village Idle Village Aug. 29, 2014
If there was a Kongregate award for best music this game could be on it... if they didn't cut off the tracks half way :p