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Play Gray Gray Apr. 24, 2009
This is the greatest game I've ever even heard of! 97/5
Play Dreams Dreams Dec. 02, 2008
What a lovely game.
Play Breach Breach Oct. 25, 2007
gwehehe, this is fun.
Play Monochrome Monochrome Jul. 29, 2007
I like it, it's simple and fun. A higher frame rate or some motion trials might help make the game easier on the eyes.
Play Hash Hash Jun. 11, 2007
Hahaha, I love it.
Play maze game of distraction maze game of distraction May. 21, 2007
Pretty please make the ball go faster.
Play Kongregate Racing Kongregate Racing May. 17, 2007
The point based system is still there guys; I just added the time high scores as well.
Play LightSprites LightSprites May. 16, 2007
You should have an evil mode where you try to kill as many people as possible. Great game.
Play Heidi One Heidi One May. 16, 2007
The only way I could really aim was to stop, but stopping presented the problem of being shot continuously... Fun game, though.
Play Kongregate Racing Kongregate Racing May. 05, 2007
Update to v1.1: -Added a quit button to the race screen. -Added a 2 minute timeout to bump do-nothing-bums out of rooms -Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
Play P.O.D. P.O.D. Apr. 20, 2007
This game reeks of pure awesomeness. The exploding boxes added an interesting element of strategy, and the music and sound effects fit perfectly.
Play Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Apr. 13, 2007
The high scores page is hilarious. :)
Play Madness Reaction Time Madness Reaction Time Apr. 11, 2007
FINAL SCORE : 10357 My best time was .23, guess I'm kinda slow. :P @Envergure: Flash can get the current time in milliseconds regardless of the frame rate.
Play Rayspline Rayspline Apr. 01, 2007
My only request is that the game makes a sound or something so you know when you're hit. Awesome game.
Play To-Suta To-Suta Mar. 04, 2007
Yes! A flying toaster that shoots rainbows from its mouth! The graphics and music fit so perfectly... Awesome game.
Play Elite Base Jump Elite Base Jump Feb. 28, 2007
Every time you die, you have to go through main menu -> compete -> difficulty -> press any key -> press any key. A repeat button would be nice. :)