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Play Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Feb. 06, 2015
The stupid ninjas are way to overpowered and random I feel. In the last level I'd FINALLY managed to make it through the champion ninja without it to the gems only to have in a later wave due to lag not have time to cast meteor shower and a little ninja got through even though at the edge it got around I had three fully upgraded catapults and a fully upgraded nightmare tower.... that shouldn't have been possible. Again this is the same set up that in an earlier setup the ninja boss couldn't get through...
Play The Last Door Ch.4 - Ancient Shadows The Last Door Ch.4 - Ancient Shadows Dec. 12, 2014
Fun game. I only had to use the walkthrough one for something I couldn't figure out. Also, I love the music! 5/5
Play Picma - Picture Enigmas Picma - Picture Enigmas Dec. 03, 2014
Even though there is a lot of paid content I feel there also is a really large amount of unpaid content - especially where all the paid content can be accessed for free over time basically. I love the game and think it's a bit ridiculous how much people are complaining about the paid content... if this game was just the free content and with the same number of levels no one would be complaining since there are a lot of free levels... I really appreciate the fact that we can access the paid content without paying. One thing I don't like though is that the user created levels cost to play as well, I don't think those should. 5/5
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 02, 2014
Got all the way to the last level and there's no way I can ever complete that. If for no other reason then the background suddenly becoming all colorful really throws my timing off. I did enjoy the rest of the game however. My favorite level was 2X the tempo was really fun. Rating updated to 4/5
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 02, 2014
A fun concept but I found the long levels way too frustrating. I would much prefer more short levels. Especially since the long levels introduce new things you never even see in the short levels (or don't get much practice with) and it throws you off basically forcing you to play the long one over and over until you finally get it. Or at the very least have save points! 3/5
Play Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 Nov. 25, 2014
Really enjoyed the game. I don't normally like point and click games but this one I liked because of the story and the point and click aspect was very straight forward and the mini games were pretty fun too. Looking forward to Ch. 2 :)
Play Snail Bob 5: Love Story Snail Bob 5: Love Story Nov. 25, 2014
It is very laggy. I don't get why it lags so much I didn't have this problem with the previous ones... game play is still fun and simple but the lag makes it really hard to play. 3/5
Play Transmission Transmission Nov. 25, 2014
Finally finished all the stars! I only had to use the walkthrough a couple time usually just to get a hint if I was starting the level off right. I really like the shiny globe trophies, they are really pretty! Really hope there is a transmission 2 at some point!
Play Transmission Transmission Nov. 25, 2014
I wish you could view the previous solutions you have come up with so you can directly look at them to figure out what needs to be changed. This can be especially frustrating when you think you are close to the right solution but accidentally finish the level and it automatically ends so you can't edit anymore and sometimes it's hard to remember what you've done.
Play Run 3 Run 3 Nov. 11, 2014
YES! Finally completed the winter games levels :) I enjoyed most of the levels the last level was actually really fun even though it took me a while to complete it.
Play Run 3 Run 3 Nov. 07, 2014
I was having a lot of fun and the game does overall get a 5/5 from me but the later winter levels are super frustrating! I feel like it's a guessing game since you can't easily tell a ridge from flat until you're close and sometimes I jump right before I hit the bump and it doesn't register the jump so I just do the little hop thing and die.
Play Transmission Transmission Nov. 01, 2014
This game for sure will keep me entertained for a long time! Although I really don't get why the get all stars badge isn't an impossible badge, I mean I don't think the badge difficulty should be assigned just because of walkthrough potential if that were the case there are many puzzle game hard badges that should be easy badges since they'd be easy if a walkthrough were used.
Play Transmission Transmission Oct. 28, 2014
Really fun game. I was studying physiology right before playing this game so I kept thinking about neurons transmitting signals the whole time. XD 5/5
Play Back to Zombieland Back to Zombieland Oct. 28, 2014
Finally completed the game just with pure luck since with the speed upgrade couldn't react at all so ran into a bunch of hazards and finished with barely any stamina.
Play Back to Zombieland Back to Zombieland Oct. 25, 2014
The fact that the speed upgrade makes it virtually unplayable AND there is no upgrade reset means this game gets a 1/5 from me, originally it was higher but then the problems just kept adding up.
Play Back to Zombieland Back to Zombieland Oct. 24, 2014
I found a bug that is REALLY annoying. If you are in the helicopter and you fall into a gap while flying in the helicopter your second chance for falling doesn't kick in and you die... also there should be a restart button.
Play Indestruct2Tank Indestruct2Tank Oct. 20, 2014
1/5 for the same reason basically everyone is complaining about: dying in midair when fuel runs out. Which is stupid since you don't get the experience points that save you until after you hit the ground. Also I muted the game but once I died the music came back on the main screen...
Play Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis Oct. 13, 2014
I really wish there were badges for this game, I enjoyed all the other ones and this one is just as great as them. 5/5
Play Hook Hook Oct. 11, 2014
There's an error in the game when you play on safari, the circles that change the line direction aren't there making the game impossible to play after you get to the level those show up at. I played it on firefox with no problems though.
Play Hook Hook Oct. 11, 2014
Fun simple game, wish there were more levels. 5/5