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Play Demons Down Under Demons Down Under Sep. 07, 2014
The lag was so bad with the boss I couldn't move so even though I had hearts a plenty scattered around the area I was stuck so ended up dying -_- I wish there was a checkpoint right before the boss... also the placement of the armor games logo is annoying. I died twice due to that alone. Because I'd accidentally click it, the game would keep going... at the very least it should auto pause when you click it.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Sep. 02, 2014
I enjoyed this game. I really liked being able to use my kongpanions for something :D I hope there are more games that come out that incorporate them. 5/5
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Aug. 30, 2014
These games are always fun. I've played all three of them and they all are great! I wasn't a fan of the level that we had to jump across the gap using the birds, that was a bit frustrating but the game was still great. 5/5
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Aug. 30, 2014
Not being able to actually fight the battles is just stupid. I played until I got the badge of the day and have 0 interest in continuing to play now. 1/5 I do quite like the music for it though, it's a shame the game wasn't better.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Aug. 26, 2014
I give up on that stupid wall climb... I can make it 95% of the way up NO PROBLEM and then fall -_- I was having a lot of fun before that... but it was a complete game killer 1/5
Play Papa's Cupcakeria Papa's Cupcakeria Aug. 22, 2014
I think it's funny that you still get a 47% rating for "bake" even when it's completely raw...
Play Fold Fold Aug. 10, 2014
Fun concept. Poorly executed.... easy is way too hard. At the point where I feel that I need to use a walkthrough to understand the mechanics of the game is the point that I don't think the game is implemented very well. 2/5
Play Flagstaff: Chapter One Flagstaff: Chapter One Aug. 10, 2014
I feel stupid with how long it took me to realize that the way to see more of the floor was not to drag the viewing field (which doesn't work) but use the arrow keys (/fail)
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 29, 2014
First mini game is like impossible with a trackpad :(
Play Castaway Island TD Castaway Island TD Jul. 14, 2014
I've enjoyed this game but I don't like that my character can't fight... it seems I should injure them and lose money so as to give some advantage to running into them. Especially since most of the time when I run into enemies it's because it lags and my guy just keeps running in one direction even though I told him to stop. Is there any point to getting 3 stars on a level? It doesn't seem to give any advantage at all.... 3/5
Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jul. 14, 2014
It was fairly easy to win on hard up until level 11 and now I can't even win on medium o_O still fun game but I think the AI is a little too hard so early in the game.
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Jul. 09, 2014
Only being able to complete 3 missions at a time is ridiculous. Every time I complete a couple a finish the round the replacements are ones I should have already completed. At the very least when you complete a mission during a run it should be replaced immediately. I wish there was also a way to turn the car ability off as it causes quite a bit of lag. Fun game other than those problems. 4/5
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Jun. 18, 2014
Thanks Sparagnausen for the tip! It worked quite well :) I last played this game in 2009 and I guess never got the hard badge and now do. The game is still just as fun and relaxing as it was then, love it!
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 17, 2014
Nevermind... I tried it one more time and it worked XD I think I was just forgetting to let go of space before. So you have to cast a spell, hold space, type sequence, and let go of space for others that are having trouble.
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 17, 2014
I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't kill the first boss. I guess I just don't understand how the arrow things work. I hold down space and type the sequence with a spell cast and let go of space and nothing happens. Tried it with a couple different variations of the above and just don't know what I'm doing wrong....
Play enDice enDice Jun. 09, 2014
Really fun puzzle game. I wish it had badges! I like the calming music as well 5/5
Play Pursuit of hat 2 Pursuit of hat 2 Jun. 08, 2014
Fun puzzle game. I like how the instructions don't tell you everything you can do so you have to figure out different mechanics of the game yourself - which is how most games should be but a lot of them over explain I think. My favorite level so far was level 18, I was so excited when I figured out what to do and it worked! 5/5
Play 2048 Flash 2048 Flash Jun. 04, 2014
I wish this game had more achievements. It's so addicting XD I've been playing it on my iPhone a lot recently. It's really relaxing and fun.
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 24, 2014
This game would get 5 stars but sometimes I'd put an X where there DEFINITELY is one (such as in a column or row that has "0") and it will be red and subtract 1 min for some reason…. otherwise I really like the game. 4/5
Play Max Damage 2 Max Damage 2 May. 04, 2014
I was liking the game until level 12. Before then I felt each level had great margin of error where it was EASY to get above the required amount. Level 12 roles around and I can't even get the required amount to pass and have played it many times now… it's too pixel perfect and I can already tell that even if I manage to pass this level the damed pixel perfect aspect will probably continue. Makes it based almost on luck more than logic… 1/5