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Play Rubble Trouble New York Rubble Trouble New York Aug. 03, 2011
I saw a comment about restarting the game (how there is apparently only one way, the retry button): To retry, simply press the reset button or tap r. If you have lost the level by destroying too many buildings and neither of these work, click the left mouse button. Anyway, awesome game.
Play Transylvania Transylvania Apr. 28, 2011
So gengar lives Transylvania... 5/5: good, little game
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Mar. 04, 2011
Good game. Need orange portal, will shoot blue back
Play Electric Box Electric Box Mar. 04, 2011
Loved this game. Need orange portal, will shoot back
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Mar. 04, 2011
Awesome game, plus need orange
Play Chronotron Chronotron Mar. 04, 2011
Need orange portal will shoot back blue
Play Lightbot 2.0 Lightbot 2.0 Mar. 04, 2011
Really fun game. Requires thought. 4/5. P.S. Need orange portals.
Play ChapelDemo ChapelDemo Jan. 08, 2011
A public demo like this should have some type of gameplay, as well as instructions on how to play. All I'm able to do is walk and pick up something that took me five minutes to find. If its just to check if this will upload, then fair enough (I guess). It works very well if thats the case.
Play House On Fire! House On Fire! Jan. 07, 2011
Found the safe. Few tips (things that annoyed me). Make it possible to mix items in the inventory as well as when examining them; when leaving a burnt note, make sure there aren't many other combinations it could be (it could have been 5545451 or 3343431 or 5345431 and so on, even if the first two are the obvious ones to try), and thats pretty much it. Don't know what everyone is complaining about the upsidedown alice thing. Just wrote the numbers in the order they were in the drawer (not common sense, but not an difficult concept). When I asked where the safe was, it was because I knew how to get the key from the door, but the two objects I needed to mix wouldn't mix in the inventory (hence my earlier tip). Anyway, good game. 4/5
Play House On Fire! House On Fire! Jan. 07, 2011
I'm confused, where is the safe (I'm terrible with these games)?
Play Effing Meteors Effing Meteors Jan. 03, 2011
Created a 200 mile meteor, threw it up to make it blue, and then I miss the planet. Very addictive game. I keep coming back.
Play Mario Zero Gravity Mario Zero Gravity Jan. 03, 2011
Funny. I always thought zerogravity meant there was no gravity, not low gravity. But, you learn a new thing everyday. Anyway, I like the idea on using the jump button as the fire button as well. You have to think whether its worth shooting and jumping or falling to avoid them.
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Dec. 18, 2010
The most annoying thing about this game is that if your late on a note in a fast song, the game lags. And while the game tries to load, the game continues so you end up from a low frame rate while the game continues marking you down until you fail. 4/5 still tho
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Dec. 18, 2010
I do love this game (Guitar Hero: Christmas edition type thing), but there is this terrible flaw even in the every game: You get punished doubly if you play a note late, once for missing it in the first place and then again for playing 'the wrong note' (the same note just late). But apart from that, very enjoyable.
Play Back To The Future Train Scene Back To The Future Train Scene Oct. 30, 2010
Way too hard. Just about did it on easy, but there are multiple IMPOSSIBLE levels in normal (seem to be random which one you have to do.) There are no instructions, even if the player has watched the film, you need to explain the speed must be at a certain speed for a certain time. As for the speed, it shouldn't be the top speed as it gives no leeway (getting 88mph and keeping it at that is too hard.)
Play Parallel Parking Parallel Parking Oct. 25, 2010
What am I meant to do? The first level is 'easy' because I'm already parked, but its impossible because there's nothing telling you what to do or where to go. Instructions are needed even if the task is unbelievably easy.
Play 1 Will Survive 2 1 Will Survive 2 Oct. 20, 2010
I don't like it how the enemy can easily just destroy your army defending your castle and you're as good as dead because they instantly kill anyone who comes out. You should be able to store people in your castle and to release them in groups. It makes sense if the same thing happens when you approach an undefended castle, but then hordes of enemies all come out at once (some of them the same types meaning that they aren't anywhere as restricted as you). 4/5 because these are the only problems that I can think of at the moment.
Play Dive Devil Dive Devil Oct. 14, 2010
Its ok. I don't see how it changes. 3/5, even though it is no where near unique. Its exactly the same as Missile Game 3D, except its a devil. It even does the zoom out thing when you die.
Play baseball baseball Sep. 21, 2010
Good artwork, but boring game. Need to be more specific about where and when to click. Saying "Use the mouse to hit the ball" tells me vaguely what to do, but not when to click it.
Play Alp Truck Alp Truck Sep. 08, 2010
Yay(!!!) won the game(!) Rubbish game (did actually finsish, somehow...). Just making a truck is boring, should have to purchase upgrades, upgrades should feel like they have an effect, you should have a life bar, number lives are ok, should be able to view the map BEFORE customizing the truck otherwise is not a matter of "ooh this would be good", but rather "who cares, I have no idea of whats coming up so why waste time." Improve these things, and it would be an ok game. 2/5.