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Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution Dec. 21, 2011
Key sticking is EXTREMELY annoying..
Play Pixel 2 Pixel 2 Dec. 20, 2011
Space = Brake not Break ;)
Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel Dec. 14, 2011
They must use the internet just to load up google chrome or something, they're on there for literally a matter of seconds..
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Jul. 18, 2011
I thought the annoying hum was my mate so i kept telling him to shut up... Now i stand on my own at lunchtime :(
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jul. 16, 2011
I just destroyed a mountain using a sack.
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Feb. 24, 2011
I just started this game for the first time and i had 25/25 hats and 99999999 money.. wtf?
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Dec. 24, 2010
Doesn't detect notes at all.. Terrible game =[
Play Smiley Jump Smiley Jump Dec. 20, 2010
This makes the screen wobble and sway after playing it...
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Jul. 18, 2010
Play Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Apr. 11, 2010
it took me 2 goes t get the hard badge.
Play Funky eye test - prize ending! Funky eye test - prize ending! Apr. 11, 2010
I dont mind atleast i can see where i went wrong :D
Play Crunchball 3000 Crunchball 3000 Jul. 24, 2009
I got the score 5 goals in 1 match badge in my first match. :)
Play Draw-Play 3 Draw-Play 3 Jul. 18, 2009
I#276%374@E#288%197@G#490%224@G#490%260@G#490%288@G#490%317@F#248%10@D#281%337@D#288%72@C#476%113@B#476%35@ Complete THAT!
Play Four Second Fury Four Second Fury Jul. 18, 2009
203 seconds - Boss beaten. :)
Play The World's Hardest Game #2 The World's Hardest Game #2 Jul. 18, 2009
Not the hardest game... Probably the most frustrating
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Jul. 18, 2009
Reminds me of abes oddessy
Play Red Remover Red Remover Jul. 18, 2009
Lol i listened to bon jovi while playing this and it goes: "And i raise my weary hair.." 'YEAH!' XD
Play WalkRight WalkRight Jul. 17, 2009
Oh it works today :P
Play WalkRight WalkRight Jul. 17, 2009
Hezza even when We do that it doesnt work. We just keep hold of it And it gets to the boxes and fails :S
Play Cursor Catalog 2 Cursor Catalog 2 Jul. 16, 2009
i agree lots of them would make terrible cursors