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Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Jan. 05, 2015
Is it intended for Oversight Committee to no longer stop poison pills? If not, could you please remove the PP from my Increase Organic Farming Subsidies bill?
Developer response from delosford

Just stalker shit again. Looks like they paid off someone at the hosting company. DB process was shut down this morning, and there's no way that can just randomly happen.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Nov. 05, 2014
Does Oversight Committee not protect against PP any more? I introduced a Fund Soylent Green Research bill last night and Oversighted it, and it got poisoned a few hours later.
Developer response from delosford

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Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 14, 2014
Fire, reset for bonus is an ability you buy from Amonhotep
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 21, 2014
Thanks for the update! Just because I can't help myself... You spelled "Business Pages" "Busniess Pages." There, I feel better now.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Mar. 29, 2014
Why is the Church of Scientology stalking you and does that explain the reds?
Developer response from delosford

The reds? Also I'm not exactly sure. Either they just don't like what I'm about in general or I ran afoul of one of their more influential members. I'm not sure which. They don't tend to tell you why they're after you.

Play Battle Rush: Tactics Battle Rush: Tactics Jan. 21, 2014
I think Necrophobia did a much better job with this kind of gameplay. The difference is that there you could move units directly with your mouse. I found having to use arrows to pull units to a reserve and then directly back out to be frustratingly clunky and tedious.
Play Mr PEGS Mr PEGS Dec. 18, 2013
The experiment revealed that when a game wants me to register offsite I rate it 1/5.
Play Skeletons Extermination Skeletons Extermination Dec. 18, 2013
The walkthrough button doesn't take you to a walkthrough.
Play Angry Goliath Run Angry Goliath Run Dec. 14, 2013
It's pretty decent. Personally I need an upgrade shop to something with all the currency I'm getting to actually want to play more than 2 minutes.
Play NecroBalls NecroBalls Nov. 30, 2013
I think the core is great, but for it to be worth spending time playing I'd like to see systems like upgrades and powerups, a few things to add depth to the game.
Developer response from GrimGrinGaming

Agreed, we are working right now on an upgrade and will be adding it soon. It should be pretty cool.

Play  Queen's Quests Queen's Quests Nov. 30, 2013
I like this as a new take on breakout games. I get really tired of games where I spend forever trying to shepherd the ball to that last small block, so I really like the wave setup.
Play Cubis Creatures Cubis Creatures Nov. 14, 2013
I have the same problem as DDawn. Stuck at title page.
Play Prison Break Zombie Prison Break Zombie Nov. 14, 2013
Because who needs to clutter up a game with silly things like upgrades or levels, right? 1/5
Play Fury of Frostbite Fury of Frostbite Nov. 11, 2013
While you can skip the intro, I otherwise agree with Talanic. I fired the same projectiles at the same enemies on the same background until my score said I had killed 250 of them. It was at that point I notice the lack of a pause button or a point to continuing to play. 1/5.
Play Siege Of Troy 2 Siege Of Troy 2 Nov. 07, 2013
Why does drawing an arrow limit your range of motion?
Play Abyssal Gladiators Abyssal Gladiators Nov. 06, 2013
It looks pretty, but the upgrade system isn't engaging at all and the matches are 90% based on luck. 2/5.
Play Mad Cab Mad Cab Nov. 06, 2013
I beat 10 levels and they were all basically the same. 1/5.
Play Shield Run Shield Run Oct. 17, 2013
I die soon after my shield drops below 100 every time. It makes it really unfun.
Play JohnnyHero JohnnyHero Oct. 13, 2013
Having to hold down spacebar to shoot is by definition not autoshoot.
Play Brave Knights Brave Knights Oct. 07, 2013
I think the game has a decent core. The problem is that there's very little strategy involved. You simply create an appropriate design (I staggered placement in each row) and then upgrade your way to victory. The game needs more tower types, and time to build in between waves.