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Play Plopp Plopp Oct. 28, 2011
Play Jump N Roll Jump N Roll Oct. 26, 2011
i love that game! ;)
Play Atom Antics Atom Antics Oct. 14, 2011
hope you like the game - it's also available for your iPhone / iPad:
Play Bitefight Origins Bitefight Origins Oct. 06, 2011
reminds me of old days. very cool game :)
Play Kabama Kabama Aug. 09, 2011
@sordid1975 yes, i wanted to make it bigger (wider and higher), but then kongregate cuts off the bottom part of the playfield. any idea, how i can get rid of this problem? thanks for the nice words.
Play Kabama Kabama Aug. 08, 2011
hi, here is a small board / puzzle game i've made. best played in 2 player hot-seat mode infront of one computer! let me know what you think!
Play AsteroidGame AsteroidGame Mar. 11, 2011
it's written in a new language called monkey which can build HTML5, Flash, Android, iOS Apps without the need to modify the source.
Play AsteroidGame AsteroidGame Mar. 06, 2011
this was a small game to test monkey. it was written in under 4 hours. i hope you like it! more info and full source code is available here: