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Remember, whatever harm you would do to another, do first to yourself.

“Wherever there are people chatting anywhere on the internet, someone will be trying to get into someone else’s e-pants.”trickyrodent

If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, the different phases of life. And here you are. You go, motherfucker, you’re awesome.


We are human, we are not perfect, we are alive, we try things, we make mistakes, we stumble, we fall, we get hurt, we rise again, but we try again, we keep learning, we keep growing. And we are thankful for this priceless opportunity called life.

girlyuzzybutt is smelly.

Benjamin Isaac is sexy ♥

Dave is kawaii.

Hammii is a jerk. [broken heart here]



How to become a moderator and where to find things like formatting ’n all that jazz.

HOW TO BECOME A MODERATOR: I do NOT suggest doing this, as it’s very dangerous and not many people have managed to do it. Go to the closest McDonalds at night time and steal the giant “M” in front of the store. Get a piece of paper, and then write your Kongregate username on it, take a picture of you with the giant M sign.

Need a Moderator? Click here.
Need an Admin? Click here.
How to become a moderator: Click here.
Another link on becoming a mod: Click here.
Want to read the Kongregate Terms of Use? Click here.
Why underage users not allowed on Kong: Click here.
How to behave in chat: Click here.
Need help with something?: Click here.
Need moderator that speaks your language?: Click this.
Want to know how to format your page? Click here.
Need the room ID’s? Click here.

BYOM (Be Your Own Mod) – Mute!


Name: Elizabeth Johanna.
Birthday: July 21st
Nationality: Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish.
Family: Father, Mother, Sister and three brothers.
Location: South Australia!
Favorite colours: Purple, blue, gold, green, and black.
Pets: My cat, Laddie (At Dad’s) and my other cat, Busta (at mums), and a lizard called Oscar.
Favorite food: SUSHI, Tofu, Lasagna, Pizza, Pasta.
Favorite drinks: Wine, Chocolate Milk and Peppermint tea.
Favorite word: Delusional.
Music: Dance, electro, techno, pop, rap, alt and country. Within Temptation, Hollywood Undead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coldplay, Flyleaf, Eminem, Adele, Nickelback, Nightwish, Epica.
Favorite movies/shows: Pulp Fiction, Pineapple Express, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Glee, New Girl, Bones, The Vampire Diaries.
Favourite authors: John Green, Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams, John Marsden, Adeline Yen Mah.
My most visited rooms are League of Gamers, Pride, Labyrinth and Chaos Theory. You’re welcome to message me (/w Johanna_T [your message here]) if you want at any time if you want help or just want a friendly chat.

My fursona is an Angel Panda Kitty named Kittanda Paws.

My game: A-Z games.

Give me internets!.


If you don’t have anything nice to say – Just don’t say it.

I don’t care what others say about me, because my own evaluation of myself is most important. ¯\(ツ)/¯ (Thank you, AdeebNafees).


Silly lines:

Johanna_T: ben is creepily psychic sometimes, asmo
asmodous: So am I
asmodous: I said bless you once and frat shat himself

Gevock: When I’m bored, I give myself an erection and wear a donut around like a cock ring

mmebunneh: I’ll just have to rub it off in the shower

frankiesmum: smashes shaving foam pie in your face (reply)

Ketsy: Honestly, penis sounds awesome right now

Ketsy: Sucking is fun

DarkRainyKnight: English is hard.
Johanna_T: Wow, who excited it?

Aetheraenn: When it comes to sex, I’d love to be someone’s bitch.

Musicgirl: I never get quoted any more.

Sir_Fratley: It’s official, then. I’m turning gay

Sir_Fratley: I graduated in my pants when I first saw Hanna

Sir_Fratley: I slap guys with my dick no homo

Sir_Fratley: I need you, Ketsy

DarkRainyKnight: My mouth is full of wieners.

gamemastermike: but its hard ;.;

HappyAlcoholic: White knighting gets me sex all the time, what are you talking about?

Whovian: brb, goldfish is drowning.

MadJedi: Johanna is the best admin

Adrokila: Johanna, I’m giving you a warning.
Adrokila: For being too awesome.

Maginmaniac7: Look at my balls. LOOK AT THEM.

PeaceFrog: Cocks, cocks everywhere.

Johanna_T: Jedi, Jedi, get me a kitten :C
MadJedi: Gives moderator kitteh
Johanna_T: Kitteeh! :D:D
eProdigy: snatches kitty
Johanna_T: Dun touch my kitteh :C
eProdigy: I can touch your pussy whenever I want.
eProdigy: …
eProdigy: That came out wrong

eProdigy: strokes pussy

Paulverizer11: Alright, screw all of you. XD
SaraPsychoBot: Ok
Johanna_T: Ok, I will
gamemastermike: no screw you
Paulverizer11: …That was a beautiful moment right there.
Paulverizer11: Glad to have so many volunteers.

bambros98: hey mike how did you become a mod
gamemastermike: i stole a giant “M” from McDonalds thats all you need to be a mod

janesah: and omg i found my awesome 15 centimeter pink ruler
Twoam: 15 cm? Random Length XD
jake_da_snake: eww twoam
jake_da_snake: no one needs to know yur size bro..
Twoam: Eww? She was talking about a ruler
janesah: yea its 15cm and its pink

JayChaos: I want my dick. Where, oh where has it gone.
Johanna_T: Omg
Johanna_T: You forgot to look in your pants….
JayChaos: Care to check for me, honey?

usb_hub: Hi. I’m cake
Seesine: You’re a lie.

MadJedi: Urijah, I do hope everyone here is wet

AdeebNafees: Damn, this is rather hard

DannyDaNinja: I can’t believe adeeb is black

adv0catus: Johanna, I like your pussy.

adv0catus: I love pussy.


My family & friends:

My Mother, Ducky: Ducklette.
My cruel brother, Nikhil: IAmTheCandyman.
My Unicorn brother, Zachary: Zshadow.
My wizard brother, Hammii: Maginmaniac7.
Older brother, Gbra: GBros.
Older brother, Noku: MelbourneBoy.
Older brother, Enisees: Seesine.
Older brother, Vegard: Vegard20.
Older brother, Ted: Docter_Ted.
Older brother, Brian: Casper_D.
My big brother, Jonathan: reaper765.
Younger brother, Candy: CandyCastle.
My sexy sister, Omni: Omnicide.
Older sister, Ali: Kisses.
Older sister, Yui: IkiWolf.
Older sister, Xan: Xandrya.
Older sister, Jeim: Jeimuzu185.
Younger sister: Afoo.
My wife, Arn: Arn3l.
My long lost cousin, AJ: ajwontpay.
My sex bitch, Remo: RemoWilliams.
I own Seeks, Secrets.
I own AJ’s heart.
I also own HappyAlcoholic’s pinkies, ring fingers, and face.
Brian owns my tail.
Turple is my pet!


Wipee, Awesime mid write me a piem! But simeine… please tell him to stip saying that giddamn “hinka”:

Hinka. Dinka.
Diddildy Doo.
I’ve got a simple message for you.
Diddldy Dee.
Hinka will enslave humanity.
What do you get when you typo my name?
Harassment by a mid, isn’t that a shame?




“Slow and heavy lonely footsteps in the dark”
When life and love has left a shell of longing
For that yesteryear of sweet promise,
Of strong young lives ascending proudly
Resolute, not fearing consequence
To reach the pinnacle ahead of friends and lovers
Whose lives were touched but not shared entirely.
Slow and heavy lonely footsteps.
When need does not give way to wanting
To share the fruits of wisdom and reap
The benefit of learning but search instead
The end of our existence that unprepared
We reach alone and empty, no past no future
Slow and heavy lonely footsteps in the dark.


A beautiful girl sits at the computer and stares,
Waiting by herself for someone to care.
No messages pop up, no one calls her cell phone.
Life passes hey by as she sits home alone.
Her heart hurts with emptiness, there’s nothing inside.
She needs a friend in whom she can confide.
She wishes things were different, the way they used to be,
When she mattered to people, or so it seemed.
Those people she thought would be her best friends forever?
At the first sign of change did what they said they would never.
They found new friends and they didn’t need her anymore.
But change is change—all is fair in love and war.
Still she loves them even if they’re gone,
It’s a shame she’s the only one who wasn’t able to move on.
She can burst any second, the tears are so hard to fight,
She puts on an act at school and cries herself to sleep at night.
She’s at her lowest point but she refuses to break,
And continues to live the life that’s so ridiculously fake.
She’s living in the past, remembering days full of laughter,
She whatever happened to living happily ever after?


“Blame’s just a name that you can attach to a shame.” – Zocra

“Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” – StarlightPhoenix

“Look…if you had…one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted…in one moment, would you capture it…or just let it slip?” – Eminem

“F=irst A=ttempt I=n L=earning" – Sabriath


Enjoy life while you can – Life is too short.

Gracias por leer mi página.

Saludos, amigos!

Johanna – Respect in every Aspect.


Page last updated: 11:35pm, Tuesday, 17th of March, 2015.

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