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Play Pixel Shuffle Pixel Shuffle May. 11, 2010
Here's a mushroom: 00ccff/000000/990000/ffffff/cc0000/ff0000/.4_0-7_1-6_0-3_1-1_2-4_3-1_1-5_0-2_1-2_3-2_4-2_3-1_2-4_1-2_0-1_1-2_3-1_4-2_5-1_4-2_2-1_1-2_3-4_1-1_3-1_4-1_5-2_3-1_4-1_2-1_1-4_3-2_1-1_2-1_4-1_5-4_3-1_2-1_1-4_3-2_1-1_2-1_4-1_5-4_3-1_2-3_1-2_3-2_1-1_2-1_4-1_5-4_3-1_2-1_1-4_3-2_1-2_3-2_5-2_3-1_5-1_2-3_1-2_3-2_1-3_3-4_5-1_2-1_1-4_3-3_1-3_3-2_5-1_3-1_2-1_1-4_3-1_1-1_0-1_1-3_3-1_4-3_3-1_2-1_1-2_3-2_1-1_0-2_1-2_3-1_2-3_3-1_2-4_1-3_0-3_1-2_2-1_3-2_2-1_1-8_0-7_1-4_0-1 1UP_461
Play The Forest Temple The Forest Temple Nov. 23, 2009
To reset a level you can press "P" or click on the green gem on the bottom of the screen to bring up the Pause menu...
Play The Forest Temple The Forest Temple Nov. 23, 2009
It's not stolen, look other Joliner games, the copy right is allways by Oslo Albet (that's me...)
Play Climbing Ninja Climbing Ninja Dec. 10, 2008
Why do you say stolen!?!?!?!?!? It's me I did it!!!!!!! I did everything!!!!!!!