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Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz Apr. 23, 2015
So apparently I'm not the only one who thinks the idea of the energy system ruins this game. what exactly is the point of it?
Play Human evolution Human evolution Jun. 08, 2014
Also you could look into DIVERGENT evolution, which means a new species can evolved from a current one, but in a different environment that initiated change. like this : monkey A and B, who are the sam species, live in trees most of their live. A has children that stay in trees, while B has children that lave trees. as a result, A's children will remain A-like. However B's children will evolve for their new environment, say water, and develope stronger lungs, webbed hands, etc. Eventually B's decendants will become a new species and A's will still be very A-like.
Play Human evolution Human evolution Jun. 08, 2014
Also BornDragon you have a very common misconception about evolution, see, evolution doesnt say we evolved FROM monkies, or chimps,or apes. Rather it ays we SHARE a common ANCESTOR. and given the fossil and anatomical proof, id say thats a fair statement. i doubt you wuld anyway, but dont feel bad about tinking we came from monkies, unfortunatly that sems to be the general understanding people have about evolution, and its just not right
Play Human evolution Human evolution Jun. 08, 2014
couple things here: i think the "cat" is an early primate, which eveolved into another smaller primate, the "mouse" and while that doesnt follow evolution closely, keep in mind that this is, infact, a game. games arent made to be realistic, theyare made to be fun. which this is really only medicre at.
Play Shoot A Fuckload of Lightning Anywhere You Want! Shoot A Fuckload of Lightning Anywhere You Want! Jun. 11, 2013
What the hell is this sack of soggy shit
Play Epsilon Epsilon Dec. 28, 2012
still broken
Play The Sandbox The Sandbox Oct. 08, 2011
should have birds, people tht dig 4 metal & stone to build, and elements like storms, or a sun element, and gravty block, to pull things 2 it, and sumthin to break glass, how is GLASS indestructable?
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 06, 2011
great game, pvp would rock on this, and all other epic war games i beat it 2nd try
Play Walkinator Walkinator Sep. 04, 2011
made a transformer, f*ckin a rite