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Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 19, 2011
Not sure where else to post this, the Hard AI has been improved quite a bit although I am not yet done improving it. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 08, 2011
I will be trying to improve the AI this weekend and fixing the end game screen. I have a full time job and wife so that is why any updates have been slow. If I could improve the AI I will prob remove the Medium mode and replace it with Hard, while adding a Very Hard mode for the new AI. To respond to skiracer33's comment, Easy mode would not go anywhere, there are plenty of people who are not great at Chess and I think Easy mode makes this fun and challenging for them. All the feedback I have received on Kongregate has been awesome and I will be taking a lot of the advice to heart for a Check Flag 2 down the road.
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 06, 2011
Hey ranoknas, the Piece movement being confusing is def something I thought about. Because the pieces level up in a way I wanted to add in some visual cues. So you have the 4 pieces types, soldier, centaur, dwarf, and minotaur. Then they have 3 levels which allow them to move 1 space, 2 spaces, or across the board in their own directions. Finally there is a visual cue for each level. Level 1 have no weapons, level 2 has a shield, and level 3 has a shield and weapon. Hope this might make it more clear.
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 05, 2011
I may try to add another level of difficulty. Not quite sure how to approach it yet, might require changing the way I wrote the AI. As of now it should try to protect against threats on the flag, but only immediate threats, The AI doesn't try to look more then 1 move ahead. Thanks for the feedback!
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 05, 2011
@Schw_Pestbeule Is your main complaint that its just not hard enough? Or is there anything else you don't like about the game? I appreciate the feedback.
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 04, 2011
Hey Oribus its meant to be really easy on EASY, did you try it on HARD? I made the AI much more difficult.
Play Fade Fade Apr. 14, 2011
I think my main problem with this game is that I would like the controls to be a bit tighter. If you try to execute the double jump too soon then it won't work. I compensated by holding in the jump button but I didn't feel like I was in control. Also it would be nice to be able to control the jump height or maybe how fast you come back down to the platform. Again I just felt a little lack of control of my llama. Great job on the game.
Play Word Attack Word Attack Jul. 05, 2009
Hey BattleChick do you have any more information on why you could not join a game? There are certainly some problems going back to the lobby, but you should at least be able to play. CDArena going back to the lobby is currently broken, and aside from redesigning multi-player to not use Nonoba there is not much I can do about it. Sorry you had a bad experience.
Play Word Attack Word Attack Jul. 03, 2009
I certainly understand not wanting to sign up for too many accounts. You can still play and hopefully enjoy the game as a guest!
Play Word Attack Word Attack Jul. 03, 2009
There are some known problems setting up a user through a 3rd party site, people have to actually go to which is unfortunate. I updated the instructions a bit hopefully it helps. To make a word click on the letters in sequence and then double click the last one to accept the word. When you make a word you will drop letters on your opponent. Also thanks for the feedback so far.