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Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 03, 2013
crazy game lol
Play Drag the City Drag the City Apr. 02, 2013
its cool BUT the tacho should be in the middle anywhere, i was just looking in the corner to shift at ryt time, would be better in the middle
Play Doraemon Smart Puzzle Doraemon Smart Puzzle Apr. 02, 2013
those music first u hate, anytime u didnt recognize anymore and then u sum it allday xD, game is nice done
Play Aagy Bones Aagy Bones Apr. 02, 2013
aint there any enemies to jump on or powerups or anything? played some but its always just jump n get bone =(
Play QuadEurope Game QuadEurope Game Apr. 02, 2013
NICE this makes so fun, i want more, make loopings big Jumps dunno thats really cool game
Developer response from QuadEurope

Sounds like a fun idea! I'll maybe add a insane crazy gamemode with this kind of stuff later.

Play Hard World Hard World Apr. 02, 2013
not my taste of game but good for short break, it moves very fast, sometimes good, sometimes too fast
Play April Fool Slacking April Fool Slacking Apr. 02, 2013
really boring, but good for the younger generation, BIG BIG problem i saw was the language change, i bet the translations are just copied from google translator and got aloooooooooooot failures, im a german and what i read there is really bad translation and if u make the cellphone action and u need to write in the text we have other keyboard layouts and dunno wheres the ? is on english layout hihi
Play Racing Toys Racing Toys Apr. 02, 2013
nothing ever beats the good old desktopracers xD. game is well done, the cars drift a bit too much imo and its sometimes confusing when u crash and spin around u dont know wheres front and heck on the car
Play Snail Bob 2 Snail Bob 2 Apr. 01, 2013
Play Whack Your Boss! Whack Your Boss! Apr. 01, 2013
Play Mitoza Mitoza Mar. 30, 2013
so funny xD
Play One and One Story One and One Story Mar. 30, 2013
so sweet game, ty
Play light-Bot light-Bot Mar. 29, 2013
lol, the first 9 lvls was great but lvl 10+ made me crazy xD
Play Coma Coma Mar. 28, 2013
really? going thru a worm and get farted out xD very nice game 5/5
Play Icy Gifts Icy Gifts Mar. 28, 2013
there should be much more games like this, easy to play and total fun 5/5
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Mar. 28, 2013
after 2 hours i start loving the background sound but i think my ears getting killed from the coin drop sound
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Jul. 01, 2012
i love the graphics but the upgradesection should be like in part 3, still the best part of all