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Bloons TD 5

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Jul. 26, 2013

Rating: 1

Time to test out the new processor...

Arkandian Explorer

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Nov. 28, 2012

Rating: 2

I think I just spotted an interesting glitch. I completed a tactical battle and was awarded 80 Enchanting. However, my Enchanting was 977 so it increased past the cap to 1057. I don't believe this is supposed to happen. I also appear to be either very lucky or it actually improved the Enchanting as I rarely fail to disenchant.

Enigmata: Stellar War

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Jun. 14, 2012

Rating: 16

This game is easily the best game I've played in a while. However, there is an issue with gathering coins in some of the later levels. The coins accumulate faster than you can scroll and collect them and unfortunately the fion drone's AI makes them all go after the same coins. I have two suggestions to remedy the accumulation of coins: 1. Add a new feature to the upgrade screen after each level that can pull coins toward your mouse at increasingly larger ranges. This would help greatly especially when playing on fast forward and the coins appear and disappear faster. 2. Add a zoom button to the battle screen to eliminate all the click and drag scrolling. This would also greatly help coin gathering when on the later levels. This game has great potential and is already of a very unique variety. Keep up the great work. -Justin

Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Jan. 24, 2012

Rating: 3

A word of advice to new players and even some experienced players: The best way to rank up and unlock towers is to continue on after you win a map. It's very easy to maintain your defenses after winning because you should have a steady stream of cash and you have massive amounts of bloons to pop and you can rank up relatively quickly.