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Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Dec. 03, 2011
Lvl 5 weapon, lvl 4 armor, slay a dragon, reach day 10, 1,4m score, dragon killed, all on first run. Too easy.
Play Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2 Dec. 02, 2011
I kind of hate it how I now need to hold Z instead of pressing it once. :/
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Oct. 21, 2011
I thought I have this game on Steam already...
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Sep. 12, 2011
Also, the name is supposed to be Esc Ape, looking at the picture.
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Sep. 12, 2011
I also spotted the trollface with the laser trick, before reading Lugalid's comment.
Play Alice is Dead Episode 3 Alice is Dead Episode 3 Sep. 12, 2011
First time I read the message on wall, I thought it said "PILLS HERE".
Play Legend of Kalevala Legend of Kalevala Jun. 28, 2011
You understand that Kalevala is a big part of Finnish culture, and that this game is no how related to the actual Kalevala? Would almost rate 1/5 for such...
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 18, 2011
4.71 avg? You kidding me, right? Words cannot describe it.
Play Zomgies 2 Zomgies 2 Jun. 01, 2011
Sniper rifle is overpowered. You get it in the early-midgame and can play through the whole game with it, using shotgun as help in some tough parts of the game.
Play Epileptic Headsmashing Game 2000+ Deluxe! Epileptic Headsmashing Game 2000+ Deluxe! May. 27, 2011
158,000 gameplays get, and I still love this game.
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Apr. 21, 2011
Premium content is so awesome. Who agrees?
Play Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2 Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2 Feb. 28, 2011
I thought Ragdoll Laser Dodge 1 was enough. And now this, after many years? Oh dear.
Play FPA: Sneak Peek FPA: Sneak Peek Feb. 28, 2011
I thought DrNeroCF to be dead or lost his interest in Fancy Pants! Good to see you!
Play Guy of My Dreams Guy of My Dreams Feb. 17, 2011
Guess I got lucky. I found my "Guy of My Dreams" right at the beginning of the game at 16 years, on my first gameplay.
Play No Time To Explain No Time To Explain Jan. 31, 2011
...what. What is this? Madness? I beat it in 5 minutes, oh wait, I don't even have time to review this!
Play Imperfect Balance 2 Imperfect Balance 2 Jan. 12, 2011
@Ttursas: You get beta testers before releasing your Finnish games. :D "Um guys, how can we determine what's the best score each level if we (me and eltopo) apparently cannot get them? :) There are players who are better playing this game than us, the developers."
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Dec. 24, 2010
Brilliant game, good work 2D!
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 14, 2010
+1 if you love all nerdook's ending songs and think this one's great.
Play Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria Dec. 12, 2010
So. I came. 1. Oh hey, badges for some random Papa's game. 2. *Clicks* 3. MochiGames intro 4. *Reads full game name* 5. Papa's Burgeria? OH SNAP. Oh gawd no... After so long time since I played Pizzeria! D:
Play Toxers Toxers Dec. 05, 2010
It's so silly how survivors are threatened as items :)