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Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat May. 12, 2015
dscp léo já é MAIS DE 25 MIL GAMEPLAYS!
Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat Nov. 03, 2014
Play evillcat wolrd evillcat wolrd Oct. 25, 2014
WTF,é é isso mesmo?eu não estou cego...deus...não pode...ser...holy shit...THIS IS A EVIL GAME,MADE BY A CAT.
Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat Oct. 13, 2014
2+1*4-8/2=2 então isso quer dizer que esse jogo é foda,a matematica nunca mente.
Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat Aug. 16, 2014
''Depois Falam,Harmonia Ta Corrompida Com Muitos Mods,Eu Falo,Sabe De Nada Inocente.''
Play DPS Idle DPS Idle Aug. 08, 2014
you can put a better auto-sell/refine select menu,example:for weapon you can put a limit to min DPS,i put non refine for common weapon and in 1 minute have 100000 common weapons/sorry for english :D
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 02, 2014
like Realm Of A Mad God,but is in turns.
Play Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe Sep. 20, 2013
Good Game, I Played Car Eats Car 1 And This Is New Version surprisingly better, but not take that the other version had 5/5
Play Battle without End Battle without End Jun. 13, 2013
My account is old in this game as i can put a password on it?
Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat Jun. 12, 2013
Polvo Gay Leo Gay Mike Gay dnv nao quero levar likes vlw çou demais #Tuxonete
Play Fruit Catch V.1.0 Fruit Catch V.1.0 Jun. 01, 2013
Resume of This Game:Poor
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Apr. 20, 2013
put a button at the end ''continues'' so I can continue to buy upgrades
Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat Apr. 20, 2013
lol nos estamos na wiki? so good e dj sei bixa e mike tbm todos levaram +
Play Harmonia Chat Harmonia Chat Mar. 12, 2013
Bom estou a esperar Update Quando Sair Dudu faça-me o favor avisar estou muito ancioso.Espero q nesse Update De Para Fazer Build Facilmente Com as Class
Play Zombies Hunter Zombies Hunter Apr. 23, 2012
no no no Zombies no! the zombies want to eat me alive
Play Tiny Sword! (Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23) Tiny Sword! (Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23) Apr. 22, 2012
Good game but where's the fun of taking a sword and go out there killing several skeletons, at least the gameplay of the game were a little better, I would not pull my hair when the head started to play this game
Play The Stick Adventure The Stick Adventure Apr. 16, 2012
he's a riot shield shoot the ceiling as he dies
Play iRemained iRemained Apr. 16, 2012
OMG this game has good graphics is my grade 5/5 is one of the best tower defense games I've played