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Play Dragon Slayer 2.5 Dragon Slayer 2.5 Nov. 16, 2014
Also, "fairly well quality" is not good English. For a pure text-based game those kind of writing mistakes are pretty bad.
Play Dragon Slayer 2.5 Dragon Slayer 2.5 Nov. 16, 2014
I'm kind of surprised you went to the trouble of getting that cover art but then didn't use it in game. I'd recommend expanding to at least cover exploration of a single town with some inventory customization. Even basic graphics of a dragon and fighter would help.
Play Lord of the Flies-Survival Instinct Lord of the Flies-Survival Instinct Nov. 16, 2014
I'd recommend an in-game settings or instructions feature next time that shows the controls. The pig head as lord of the flies feature made for a ridiculous feel also. Too short. 3/5 in my opinion but not bad for a beginner attempt at gamemaking though.
Play Immortal Empire Immortal Empire Nov. 14, 2014
Surprised the game has been out for 2 years and I've just now found it. Definite 5/5 here. Needs badges.
Play Dino Storm Dino Storm Nov. 14, 2014
Haven't started it yet but seems like an interesting concept. "Giddyap!" "VRRAAWWWWRRR!!!" "Whoa, Nellie!"
Play Waraxe Waraxe Oct. 26, 2014
Takes way too long just to reach level 5 and many parts of the game (like merchant) aren't even usable early on. The balancing is really off, experience is disproportionate to grinding, energy is used up too fast, and units are too tough to acquire.
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Oct. 23, 2014
This happened not once but twice, they attacked me but I can't attack back. I tried using the retaliate option but the attack button is grayed out. Seems ridiculous that you can be attacked but aren't allowed to attack back. 1 of 5 until the glitch is fixed.
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Oct. 23, 2014
Very annoying that you can't attack people who attack you. Someone attacked me and I chose to wait instead of retaliate to build first. Found them on the map and was able to attack other players not them. The inability to attack those who attack you is a serious flaw in an otherwise good game.
Play Monster Squad 2 Monster Squad 2 Oct. 19, 2014
Good idea, but the balancing is very, very, very poor, doing thousands of points of damage and getting killed easily as well. No real explanation of the battle system in game that I can see (which apparently acts in real time rather than turn based). I'll give it a 4 but this needs some serious tuning.
Play Mytheria Mytheria Oct. 18, 2014
Not bad, 4 out of 5. Too few unlockable cards/not enough customization, few missions, but a solid game structure.
Play Vilesteel Vilesteel Oct. 10, 2014
Gets a lot more enjoyable when you realize you can just hold down mouse click instead of clicking each time to attack. I haven't checked but think that might make shift click easier also. The difficulty setting is about right, once getting to heroic level you start dying even with top of the line equipment. Glad to see a game that doesn't have a 24 hour "tutorial" or pay to win, I hope people rate this up.
Play Vilesteel Vilesteel Oct. 10, 2014
Great game, the best new game out in months that I've seen, and definitely needs some badges. Shift+click is laggy and the aiming needs some work but nonetheless still 5 stars, easily, as far as I am concerned.
Play Survival Horror, Act One: Interactive Fiction Survival Horror, Act One: Interactive Fiction Oct. 05, 2014
New update is glitched. Picked up a screwdriver and then scissors, but in the fight made me use the screwdriver and when it broke no option to switch to the scissors, had to fight unarmed. Apparently gets rid of weapons entirely now.
Play Goblin Defense 2 Special Edition Goblin Defense 2 Special Edition Oct. 05, 2014
This is one of those games where you have to wonder if the makers ever tried actually playing the game themselves. Glitches galore, difficulty settings are exaggeratedly bad, and there only seems to be one route to winning, hiking damage and speed early, and even then it takes perfect aim non-stop. The controls are counterintuitive (right to aim up and left to aim down?) and the gameplay is linear with no plot, storyline, or surprises whatsoever. 1 of 5 in my book, ordinarily I'd give extra for effort and concept but this doesn't show much effort.
Play WarLight: Multi-Player WarLight: Multi-Player Oct. 05, 2014
Game deletes saved game progress within a few weeks, major downside.
Play HD Xyth HD Xyth Oct. 03, 2014
Game is awesome aside from the lack of a save feature. Losing my progress repeatedly really causes me to lose interest.
Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Oct. 03, 2014
Screenshot links are messed up, when hovering over game for previewing screenshots and clicking button to see next, it exits out of the preview.
Play Survival Horror, Act One: Interactive Fiction Survival Horror, Act One: Interactive Fiction Oct. 03, 2014
The one glaring problem in the game is the inability to manage inventory out of battle. It is very annoying picking up worse equipment (like scissors) that still have usefulness and having to fight the next battle with them. Should be able to switch weapons out of battle, preferably see inventory and health as well. Great idea with the stats coupled with a choose your own adventure type of text game, but the interface needs work. This is the kind of game I'd like to see more of.
Developer response from joeaaronsellers

Thanks for the feedback. I just released a new update. You will keep the most destructive weapon in your hand as you collect them throughout the game. You can also manage your inventory outside of combat by clicking on words like "YOU" or "YOUR" and assess your health there, too. Hope this helps!

Play Fantasy Rivals Fantasy Rivals Oct. 02, 2014
Game still has some glitches though. For example in a melee it just showed the backs of 2 of the cards, so that I couldn't tell what they were (both of which I'd just gotten from a free pack, Waener and Ydgran). That in itself would have just been inconvenient, but when the last 2 turns started, I found I couldn't select either of the cards, and had to just wait 30 seconds both times for the computer to select one for me (at least it didn't forfeit the game there, thankfully). My opponent, who was losing, must have thought I was stalling though and just quit.
Play Fantasy Rivals Fantasy Rivals Oct. 01, 2014
I've got to admit, this is a really well-balanced game where strategy is heavily involved, and it's great to see a game with no energy system for a change. This is the only CCG where I've ever managed a draw against a level 50 player while being just level 9. Strategy plays a huge role.