Game Comments
Play RetroShoot RetroShoot Aug. 21, 2009
i agree with both koudoken and madcrimson, you should do s 2nd version of the game with those improvements
Play Kamikaze Race Kamikaze Race Aug. 20, 2009
lol if brainisdead only plays car games with clutch and gears and handbrake , i guess he doesnt play many... DUDE,GO CREATE YOUR GAMES, THEN YOU CAN SAY THAT BS!!!
Play Drop Dead: Extended Edition Drop Dead: Extended Edition Jul. 31, 2009
ol cool glitch on evel 20 if you let those spinning blocks spin enough theyll get caught in each other... sign ur name and repost if it worked Dopeboyrecords1K, aznmeinboi, nightfire11,me too=), rapture_wraith,Geuden, drm16,drakel321,chainsaw94 adri37, StIcKyCaPs, thealexman1, c0rupt3e_l0l,WarriorKill7, Blueox, Bigdan27,Gyilkos,MUHAHAHHAHA,ANYAD,BUZIKOCSOG, Smileyfry, Erdna, hpf123,ChrisOwnz42,trebach, deathsfigment,cosmosisandy, fatboyharri95 99pajamasword99, Littldevil xD,racky54,MessyBeaver, tntero(formerly known as Kamaleotic)
Play Drop Dead: Extended Edition Drop Dead: Extended Edition Jul. 31, 2009
duuude ive got 666 points is the 2nd, it cant be a coincidence
Play Multiplayer Whiteboard Multiplayer Whiteboard Jul. 28, 2009
the only thing i draw its MANPARTS not MANPRIDE
Play Multiplayer Whiteboard Multiplayer Whiteboard Jul. 28, 2009
i only draw DICK cheney
Play 1 Will Survive 1 Will Survive Jul. 22, 2009
its cool, too bad its short, if it had other levels i would rate it 5/5, so i'll give it a 4/5
Play Rotatix Rotatix Jul. 21, 2009
I just put some random numbers and i got this: awesome XD (0(dv_5614_16724991_100_1_b)(dv_79646_65280_100_1_b)(0v_56412_255_100_1_b))
Play GeoSketch GeoSketch Jul. 20, 2009
for the nazis: 90 90 90 it does a swastika and draws a square
Play GeoSketch GeoSketch Jul. 20, 2009
try 1 -5 7 and then try adding it zeros ex. 10 -50 70 its awesome
Play Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore Jun. 25, 2009
dude i like the idea of having a weapon and being able to evolve(i also like the sounds of the auto guns tretetetetetete XD) but dude...really?!?!? killing animals? thats just twisted
Play Age of War Age of War Jun. 23, 2009
pretty easy, get 4 ions and then just wait for enough money to put 3 war machines and 3 super soldiers, i used about 500 000 and i beat it
Play Post it Draw it Post it Draw it Jun. 14, 2009
very good game, except some time after u start u already know all the words
Play SandStorm Racing SandStorm Racing Jun. 14, 2009
yeah its funny just one thing, its bad it records the last place u did and not the better one
Play Untangle Untangle Jun. 13, 2009
i think it aint that hard and plus it gets boring after like 5 levels...
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Jun. 13, 2009
pretty cool game, the interface and stuff are great, not just another point and click game, i like it, 5/5 but only cause it has a button to turn off the sound XD otherwise i would give it maybe a 3/5 XD
Play Splitter Splitter May. 26, 2009
http://www.king.com/games/splitter/viewer.jsp?w=05261934200133-the last one
Play You are a... You are a... May. 25, 2009
looks like im a huge pimp who likes to whap blow up dolls, whats whap anyway?XD
Play Splitter Splitter May. 13, 2009
http://www.king.com/games/splitter/viewer.jsp?w=05132350410548 for the core
Play Caravaneer Caravaneer Mar. 30, 2009
write your name here if you want a new caravaneer: tolminator Winu Evilbane DAFSJ Sidneygold meatpuppet1, joj94,kamaleotic