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Play Idle Recruit Idle Recruit Oct. 22, 2014
With "Buy all per page" enabled, I think the actual recruit you click on should take priority over the other 8 on screen, to be hinted/bought/upgraded first. If it is too expensive then priority should move to the cheapest recruit on screen. There are times I want to purchase a certain recruit that I have the money for but as there are cheaper ones on the screen they all get bought first, leaving me without enough to buy the one I wanted. (I know I can turn off buy all per page, but I just think that being slightly more incontrol of which recruit takes priority of the buy all would be good)
Developer response from CHARLESing

Hmm... might be a bit hard to implement, I'll see :)

Play Idle Recruit Idle Recruit Oct. 22, 2014
A little confused about recruitiung more than 1 autoclicker. With "buy all per page" toggled, doesn't that mean that you only really get one autoclick per second even if you have more autoclickers?
Developer response from CHARLESing

Yeah, so it'll perform say you have 5 autoclickers, it'll do 5 pages of autoclicks per second!

Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL Jan. 25, 2012
Finally, a game to test my minimising, Google mapping, zooming out and copying skills. And there's me thinking they were a waste of time...
Play Ninja and Blind Girl Ninja and Blind Girl Nov. 30, 2011
If the Ninjas are going to have to be stupid and keep swapping screen sides then at least make them high-five when they cross in the middle...
Play Momiga Momiga Oct. 28, 2010
MOst MInimal GAme = MOMIGA. I felt happy I had noticed it, until i realised it was obvious :(