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Play Robots Initiate Work Sequence Robots Initiate Work Sequence Aug. 19, 2014
Dear everyone, use the bug report tool like the developer requests, instead of commenting. They are obviously aware of the common bugs but need DATA
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 14, 2014
Impossible to see the pattern once you start drawing on it.
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 24, 2014
Tree kicking! For goodness!
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 27, 2014
Sick of getting chests that are impossible to open. Requires 4 yellows, and there are 4 yellows spread across the board that can never be next to each other.
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 20, 2014
You need gold to buy the dream, then it gives you the +1
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 09, 2014
I find the game runs fine for a bit, gradually slowing down until it is painfully slow. There's obviously a problem somewhere
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 08, 2014
A) not a match 3 game. B) add a 'disable animations' option, look into the memory leak problem, add an ending, add descriptions for skills, and fix the bug that breaks the game at the end of combat sometimes
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 06, 2014
Somehow beat 10 mimics to get to the final chest in a level the first time I entered that level, and then the game crashed at the end of the level -_- I can click on armour, inventory, battlefield but they do nothing.
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 06, 2014
This isn't a match 3, what is wrong with people tagging?
Play Retro Unicorn Attack Retro Unicorn Attack Jun. 06, 2014
When it's coooooold outsiiiiiiiiiiiiiide, am I heeeeeere in vaaaaaaaaiaiaian?
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 05, 2014
every game is better with misogyny 1/5
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 29, 2014
Rude! The clue is "Chicken", so I put the zebra badge on, thinking I'd get +XP for animals. Unfortunately, it was a drumstick, so I got NO benefit from using the badge :(
Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis May. 25, 2014
I love Creeper World, bought Creeper World 3 as soon as I heard about it, but the main missions in that are too hard for me :( Love this.
Play Monsters' Den Chronicles Monsters' Den Chronicles May. 10, 2014
vmsgash, it is pretty straightforward to click the 'settings' button in chat and change rooms.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 26, 2014
Dragging doesn't give you a straight line...
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 24, 2014
When I drag over a row, it should not replace marks I have already made (dragging to add X removes existing X - this is wrong)
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 24, 2014
I agree with JiannisD "it is more stupid that tell you when you make an error it is easy enough like this i do not need hint with out asking them.. (no one like hint and spoilers....)" I would prefer to be able to make a mistage without being forced to accept a penalty. Simply clicking on the wrong square would deny me the chance to fix it if I made a mistake and dragged too far. This should always be able to be turned off in these puzzles.
Play Fishy Waters Fishy Waters Apr. 15, 2014
I dont want to catch whales! :(
Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Mar. 29, 2014
Thanks for changing what it says when you try to quit Endless mode, but it would be better to warn before you start a game. It still says it will save automatically.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 27, 2014
Zonvolt, did you mine the right type of ore? I got 'stuck' because the first sector didn't have any asteroids of the correct type