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Play Project Restoration Project Restoration Jul. 19, 2015
Lucky people, who despite all the problems get to play. I do not even get beyond the load screen. Yes I have refreshed, I also have the latest flash.
Play Circolour Circolour Apr. 18, 2015
Clearer instructions would help.
Developer response from tvault

Yup, will add a tutorial on the title screen. Thank you

Play Zilch Zilch Aug. 08, 2014
Why is it no longer possible to play online mode through Kongregate?
Play Robot Rising Robot Rising Apr. 27, 2013
The most frustrating thing about this game that stops me playing it more is that I constantly need to refresh the game. This often happens before it even finishes loading. Is there any fix? I have tried playing it on Firefox, Internet Explorer and on Chrome. I even reinstalled my Unity player. Nothing makes a difference I would be interested in how many others have similar problems.
Play Robot Rising Robot Rising Feb. 13, 2013
Nice game! But why does my session expire every few minutes?
Play Fenyx' First Flash Fenyx' First Flash Jul. 27, 2012
Good job! Looking forward to playing more!
Play Doodles Chatteria Doodles Chatteria Jul. 26, 2012
Are you going to add any more different coloured candy? Like ...maybe yellow? :P
Developer response from doodle_man

Yeah I will I have 3 apple,lemon and a blue one.I made a green one to but I don't like it :\