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Play Don't Escape 3 Don't Escape 3 Jul. 31, 2015
I wonder if the pancake has anything to do with Markiplier?
Play Minions Bros World Minions Bros World Jul. 28, 2015
These mario knockoffs all use the exact same level. I've been through this as Peppa Pig, an Olympic Torch, Batman, even Markiplier. Can this crap die already?
Play Smells Like Art Smells Like Art Jul. 27, 2015
Modern day Fred Flintstone.
Play Idle Monster Slayers Idle Monster Slayers Jul. 26, 2015
Idle games have evolved. This is now bare bones, uninspired, boring. Your features are merely things all idle games should now have as default. Now you need some kind of twist, a gimmick. Keep trying.
Play Sugar Coated Sugar Coated Jul. 26, 2015
Feedback.. feedback... kinda hard to give any when you cobbled this together from only a few tutorials using default elements. Did you think people wouldn't notice and assume you did this all yourself? Your skybox doesn't blend, there aren't any collisions on your barrier trees or your oddball creature, having your creature merely face the player shouldn't make him tilt on all three axis, and you need some void protection even if your trees are air tight.
Play Gold Mine Gold Mine Jul. 25, 2015
There are several versions of this game by different users. And I mean identical right down to the code. The only difference are the names on the upgrades and amount of them. Was there some barebones make your own idle program made?!
Play Crazy Eights Crazy Eights Jul. 22, 2015
Seems after you play and quit vs CPU all other matches won't load. Also, there are some legit moves you can make that the game blanks out... mistakenly maybe? Really irritating when you think you won, but game decides you cannot play your card for some arbitrary reason. Ah, reminds me of playing crazy 8's as a kid. "You can't play that! Nuh uh!"
Developer response from triplumi

Thanks for your reply. After you leave game, session will be deleted and when you start a new game score will be 0 for every player. Can you tell me on what moves game blanks out ? Game was tested by people from different countries and it seems to work ok. Also make sure that you understand the rules you have set, like "super wild card", "force to play" or "discard multiple cards". These rules can be confusing if you forget about them and keep playing "force to play" if ON, doesn't allow you to pick card from pile if you have valid moves "super wild card" if ON, wild card can be played after ANY card, doesn't matter if it's a draw card, etc "discard multiple cards" if ON, you can only play one card at a time, for example if you have 4 sixes, you can only play one six at a time. Have a nice day

Play Adventure Time Hidden Stars Adventure Time Hidden Stars Jul. 22, 2015
Try to find the secret star I'm going to rate this game!
Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Notebook Space Wars 2 Jul. 21, 2015
Just started the game for the first time and nearly died because the enemy lasers were identical to mine. That is a major no-no!
Play Jasons Chat Jasons Chat Jul. 19, 2015
Yeah, these chat only games get removed pretty fast. You missed the boat on uploading blank just for chatrooms. Try harder.
Play TryDraw TryDraw Jul. 19, 2015
Lame, stolen, AND broken. The holy trinity.
Play StickDoll StickDoll Jul. 19, 2015
You and your alt account, Game_Now, need to just chill out with the game theft. You only upload games you make.
Play Chat Online BETA Chat Online BETA Jul. 19, 2015
I've seen some dumb things done by users hoping to get a D by their name or somehow hope to profit off something they didn't make, but I think this one takes the cake in all fields. Congrats.
Play Hero Simulator Hero Simulator Jul. 19, 2015
Firemane is howling at the moon. Firemane... is my horse...
Play Hero Simulator Hero Simulator Jul. 17, 2015
I swear the guy sings the Elder Scrolls theme from time to time.
Play Pacman Pacman Jul. 16, 2015
I'm sure the creators let you share this one, too. This isn't youtube. You only upload games you yourself have made.
Developer response from smart_247

The creators aren't really bothered it's on every site this game, I know the conditions of uploading a game after all i'm not the only one who has uploaded this game. There are many other people.

Play Mine Upgrade Mine Upgrade Jul. 12, 2015
Neat so far, but you are going to need something manual to do other than sell. Just coming back to sell items after a while is more tedious than anything. If all you are going to add are more units and rocks you'll only get a solid 3 from me. No, don't just add the usual things like prestige. You need something to set your game apart. Craft items to sell on the market? Set my miners to mine certain things at increasing difficulty? Clear land to build closer depots, storage, or rail systems? Keep at it.
Developer response from Keehan12

as the first comment on here, I appreciate the feedback! have made improvements and are working on more

Play Idle Counterfeiter Idle Counterfeiter Jul. 11, 2015
Having a launder rate above 100% makes zero sense.
Developer response from thelinuxist

You're absolutely right - after getting 100% Launder rate, it will no longer increase - instead the maximum amount will be multiplied by 100 instead of 10, so getting more than 100% LR shouldn't be possible - if that occured to you, please file a bug report, that's unexpected behaviour... ;-)

Play War berlin idle War berlin idle Jul. 10, 2015
Could really use more diverse objectives. Such as toss 20 grenades or upgrade ammo a total of 5 times.
Play ChatBox ChatBox Jul. 09, 2015
All these "chat only" games get removed pretty fast nowadays. People have already done the no effort non games.
Developer response from MmmaMarry

Actually this had a lot of code behind it. I edited the game to be a black box. It was actually pretty hard. Meh.