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Play Clicker of Something(Actually) Clicker of Something(Actually) Sep. 30, 2014
You may think this is what 99% of idle click games are, but you'd be wrong. 1/5
Developer response from yourmadeofsause

I know what an idle clicker game is it's just because I just started the game.

Play The Maze Game The Maze Game Sep. 23, 2014
Really.... the oldest screamer maze trick on the interwebs? Flagged.
Play Log In Simulator Log In Simulator Sep. 21, 2014
Lets make a piece of crap script and call it a game! Now lets tag some of my asshat friends so they can have a D by their name, too! I hope you all get frozen.
Play Revenge of the Incorrect Password Revenge of the Incorrect Password Sep. 21, 2014
Stop making these. Seriously.
Play The Animals Are Attacking The Animals Are Attacking Sep. 21, 2014
Throwing up something anyone can make within a half hour of DLing the basic Unity program and claiming you need donations to finish it just will not work.
Play Puzzle Fuzz: Episode 2 Puzzle Fuzz: Episode 2 Sep. 21, 2014
When did Esther get dressed? I fondly recall a yellow nightie.
Play Naruto Great Fight Naruto Great Fight Sep. 18, 2014
Pretty cool from just guessing at what things do. If the game were translated into English, it might do well here.
Play 99 Problems 99 Problems Sep. 17, 2014
99 levels of blocks to avoid, 99 tiny levels! Click to stay up and try not to screw up. Now just 98 levels of blocks to avoid. 98 Levels of.. oh.. 98 levels of.. crap... 98 levels of...
Play Flappy Square Flappy Square Sep. 17, 2014
Flappy is dead.
Play Vegan Vampire Vegan Vampire Sep. 17, 2014
Too buff to be a vegan.
Play Impossible Flappy Bird Impossible Flappy Bird Sep. 14, 2014
All flappy bird clones get instant 1/5. You missed the boat. Do something else.
Developer response from danielyim14

thanks for the feedback. but does this game show on ur computer?

Play jerry conklin training game jerry conklin training game Sep. 08, 2014
This game gave me cancer.
Play Miiz Part 2 Miiz Part 2 Sep. 08, 2014
All of your games are broken failures.
Play Idle Vocal Cords Idle Vocal Cords Sep. 08, 2014
Play Kids Bus Kiss Kids Bus Kiss Sep. 08, 2014
uhg, garbage games.
Play Flappy Bird Arcade Flappy Bird Arcade Sep. 08, 2014
No game here. And it is just a flappy bird clone. You probably didn't even change anything.
Developer response from That516Kid

i guess i'll have to go back to the drawing board :( it was changed quite abit

Play Zombie Battlefield Zombie Battlefield Sep. 08, 2014
Oh look. This game again. Zombies now, is it?
Play Pwong 2 Pwong 2 Sep. 05, 2014
I thought I was doing great until I saw the menu options near the top.
Play bunk Room Escape bunk Room Escape Aug. 30, 2014
Not too shabby. The hints to the puzzles didn't require you to guess, break out the calculator, or consult a linguist.
Play Miner Miner Aug. 30, 2014
Having loss makes no sense seeing how buying a miner gives you 2 bucks a sec and -1 in loss.
Developer response from KillingPigs123

Loss is basically the miners salary, the mining he does for you gives him 2 bucks / sec, and his salary is 1 buck / s, and he adds to the button where you need to click for the cash, he adds $1 there, so if you click, you still get your 2 bucks.