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Play Don't Hang The man! Don't Hang The man! May. 12, 2015
Just plain no...
Play Flappy Bird(Clone) Flappy Bird(Clone) May. 12, 2015
Flappy Bird has stopped being relevant for a long time now. You missed the boat.
Play Five Nights At Freddy's Quiz Five Nights At Freddy's Quiz May. 07, 2015
Picture: The Puppet. Which animatronic is this? Chica? Freddy? or Mangle? Yeah, did you even play this after you uploaded it? It did not turn out well at all. If you are going to make a quiz, make sure you actually know the material.
Play Zombie Vacation Zombie Vacation May. 07, 2015
Don't be a default Unity fps... don't be a default Unity fps... don't be.. dammit!
Play flappy gay XD flappy gay XD May. 07, 2015
Uhg, why do people continue to upload this?
Play Freddys Toxic Nightmare Freddys Toxic Nightmare May. 05, 2015
Laaaaame. Is this going to be the next flappy game people will clone to obscurity?
Play Chains of Darkness Chains of Darkness May. 05, 2015
Oh good, development build. Now I can see every single error that pops up getting in the way of the game itself. Nothing new or interesting here, either. Even the name. Why does it always have to be *insert word* of *another random word*? The only game Kong seems to be playing is Deluge of MMOs
Developer response from Spicyhorse

When you can't think of anything meaningful to say, make fun of their name! Welcome to game review... the playground edition.

Play zombiland zombiland May. 03, 2015
If by demo you mean you never finished the step by step tutorials... then yeah, this is a demo. Don't upload 10 minutes of work.
Play Summoner's Legion Summoner's Legion May. 01, 2015
Thanks for reminding me I needed to 1 star this, Kong.
Play Kingdoms CCG Kingdoms CCG May. 01, 2015
Hot New Game? It is barely one of those.
Play Idle Healer Idle Healer Apr. 29, 2015
Well, the new version is laden with bugs. You didn't cap armor which means you can make an immortal hero. The cash gets weird in the millions. Upgrades that say they need billions only need millions. The achievement for heal power and enemy level are still way out there in comparison to the other achievements. Need to remove all delays on climbing.
Play Monster King 2 Monster King 2 Apr. 19, 2015
I have no idea what was going on and I suspect one of my own units was healing the stupid turtle. Waaaay more information is needed here.
Play The Last Pill The Last Pill Apr. 19, 2015
Not being able to go back the way you came really hurts this game.
Developer response from GabeOliveira

Thanks! Now it's possible to move back when you hit the walls so no one need to be hurt for this any more. :)

Play 100 Dollars Unicorns 100 Dollars Unicorns Apr. 19, 2015
I have pulled off some awesome landings. The only thing that really needs to be changed is the density of unicorns. Most times there are so many crowded around you won't be able to go anywhere. Either that or make it so other unicorns can't make you explode. I'd go with less density.
Play fbtest2 fbtest2 Apr. 16, 2015
App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions. So, success.
Play Great Adventures of Sam Great Adventures of Sam Apr. 15, 2015
That was the lamest thing I've ever seen.
Play The Adventures of Sam The Adventures of Sam Apr. 15, 2015
You made her NOTHING! You should really reconsider your commitments.
Play Space Shooter Space Shooter Apr. 14, 2015
Oh look, THIS again! http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/space-shooter
Play Words are Hard Words are Hard Apr. 14, 2015
I don't need to be reminded that people are dicks.
Play Sunflower Tycoon Sunflower Tycoon Apr. 11, 2015
Why is this uploaded 3 times on here?
Developer response from HighgG

mistakes in other versions, kong dose not allow deleting games.