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About Me
“What are your hobbies?”
I enjoy things like watching anime (and reading manga), writing and role playing, photography and singing.

“What kind of games do you like to play?”
Typically, I like to play RPGs, but if you invite me to one of those cookie-cutter Facebook games that seem to be popular these days, I’ll probably drop out of it quickly. I’m not particularly fond of games that encourage you to pump real money for digital advantages. I also like rhythm games, racing games and fighting games. The only FPS that I’ve played regularly is probably Army Force Online, which is hosted here on Kongregate.

“Are you friendly?”
The short answer is, it depends. I typically want to be friendly toward other people, but if you are not respectful to other people or if you are overly boastful or arrogant, and you’re seeking my friendship, you will probably have a hard time getting along with me. In most cases, I just ignore the haters and the trolls, and encourage others to learn how to use their mute button.

“Is there anything else you’d like to share?”
No, not really. If anything, you’ll probably learn more from just observing someone and the decisions they make rather than asking them point blank to describe themselves. So, that said, get to know me, talk to me about things you’re interested in. I might not always respond, but hey, if I don’t, that’s what the shouts and private messages are for, right?

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