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Play Sprout Sprout Dec. 01, 2012
Would be nice to have some indication of the wind direction, instead of having to guess whether it'll blow you forward or backward.
Play Fill-a-Pix Tutorial Fill-a-Pix Tutorial May. 10, 2011
Deatznce0: If the other three are filled in, that makes 3 blocks around the "2" box below.
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Feb. 13, 2011
How do I get it to register kills with the land mine? I can't get award 42, it always says I have 0 kills.
Play This is Not the Only Level This is Not the Only Level Feb. 22, 2010
oh god momentum
Play Cubic Disturbance Cubic Disturbance May. 10, 2009
I hardly did any of them the way the walkthrough shows. In level 14 you can blast the gold block clear through the wall if you put 3 bombs on its top-left corner. Needs more consistency, sometimes replaying gets a different result.
Play Jelly Blocks Jelly Blocks Apr. 26, 2009
This is the exact same concept as Denki Blocks for the Game Boy Advance. The original is way more challenging and has bonuses for using less time/moves.