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Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Jul. 10, 2015
Play Gravitee Wars Online Gravitee Wars Online May. 06, 2015
really released C5 too late.. tsk tsk funkypear at least do a little advertising this game is dead without a playerbase!
Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Mar. 31, 2013
why cant u fix the f)-ucking bug already
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 15, 2013
Soundtrack is amazing. Some maps make you feel so ecstatic, some make you feel so tranquil and some... kinda sad QQ. The music in the inter-city transporting map has the saddest music but it's so good at the same time!!! I wish I cud just donate donate donate to you but oh i dont have any myself ];
Play Beloved Beloved Feb. 23, 2013
Most meaningful game I've played in quite a long time. The soundtrack combined with the dialogue really moved me and made me realize how cruel our society can be at times but in the end, the love sought after by sir and sir,sir and woman, or woman and woman can still be attained. Thank you for this truly unique experience!
Play Kongai Kongai Mar. 17, 2011
Vanessa Voss is cool
Play Kongai Kongai Jan. 30, 2011
Dont get me wrong, kongai is a good game but I dont think anyone cares about the kongai leaderboards
Play Flight Flight Jan. 28, 2011
I hope the sky isnt reallly green in japan
Play Topsy Turvy Topsy Turvy Jan. 21, 2011
I think a solution to the problem of the 90 degree turn while trying to jump corners would be easily solved by making one of the keys (like '"a") disable the turn, it would also allow you to fall off a ledge (which would be useful in many of the levels)
Play Kongai Kongai Dec. 19, 2010
Who the heck would rather wait for their opponent to come back than declare victory?
Play Kongai Kongai Dec. 10, 2010
Maybe some people think that having to wait 60 seconds is necessary for "thinking" but theres no excuse for having to wait 120 seconds, just because your opponent is to inconsiderate to press forfeit.
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 16, 2010
This game is awesome but I feel there's something missing. I'm always excited to play the game, but whenever I do, I don't feel very satisfied (it has nothing to do with my teams, believe me, they're pretty good). Whenever I defeat a strong team, I don't feel very satisfied like I usually do with other games. I'm not sure what it may be but I think it's the animations, all the characters move like blocks. The cavalry move forward to attack, but there aren't attacking animations like jabbing with their javelins and the demon hunters dont have a throwing animation to it. Not to mention the damage animations are covering alot of the stuff up. Anyways, Hoping for something that'll satisfy this emptiness. 5/5 rating though.
Play Kongai Kongai Sep. 04, 2010
Would the robots be affected by bleed affect?
Play Kongai Kongai Aug. 16, 2010
Mazui's post actually made me laugh
Play Epic Coaster Epic Coaster Aug. 07, 2010
To get the challenge just try for lots of perfect jumps, land twice or more on magic sparkle and picture platforms and you can get it without having to go far
Play Kongai Kongai Jul. 01, 2010
Cards should be earned in a way other than chance, the way it works now you can technically go on forever and not win any cards, it should be earned by winning a certain amount of matches like, say, 10 or 15, even 30 would be better than the 3% chance because at least you have a guaranteed card instead of a chance of getting nothing for endless matches.
Play Kongai Kongai Jun. 27, 2010
You guys complaining about switch-out, ever heard of intercept?
Play Kongai Kongai Jun. 26, 2010
Glitch: if you kill rathbone with his own soul siphon via word of command he will die and dissapere but stay alive invisible
Play Heroes of Gaia Heroes of Gaia May. 28, 2010
What is austin powers doing here?
Play Kongai Kongai May. 20, 2010
it would be really cool if they had challenges where you could win kreds....