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Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 02, 2015
i wish my pizza delivery also took 5 seconds....
Play Idle Online Universe Idle Online Universe Aug. 02, 2015
5/5 if you change the bloody level up sound, its terrible :P
Play Trimps Trimps Aug. 02, 2015
could use some hotkeys like as long you hold control you are building in +10 mode and with shift in +100 mode
Play Trimps Trimps Aug. 01, 2015
my sience didnt get substracted after buying the scientist book
Play Trimps Trimps Aug. 01, 2015
took me a while before i figured out, the trap has a mouseover tooltip.
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jul. 29, 2015
@BigSamY2 you can get everything without paying, all cards are available in the boosters you can buy with gold (ingame earned currency) the tokens(payed money) are for speeding things up. tbh i love grinding for things, skipping the fun with tokens is not needed at all. pvp is done in duels and alliance battles with a leaderboard, we're you start off with the lowest guys with barely any cards. live pvp you will find pro's with maxed cards but the other pvp options are very good. the only part where paying has a big advantage is the max light ammount, to make you able to play longer, which can be get with the member package which isnt a big price and is even possible to get with the couple tokens you get every now and then from the daily wheel, so everything is free.
Play Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Jul. 27, 2015
im not interested in spamming 1 button the whole game long.
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jul. 18, 2015
its not that bad zaga, its just 10 years, you'll be playing soon again :)
Play Awesome Seaquest Awesome Seaquest Jul. 14, 2015
needs a dock all button
Play Epic War VI Epic War VI Jul. 10, 2015
best money system is still grind to win and pay to speed it up, works wonders and is not unfair.
Play Epic War VI Epic War VI Jul. 10, 2015
when a skill comes back from cooldown when a hero is still dead it becomes available even tho you cannot use it, should be fixed.
Play Epic War VI Epic War VI Jul. 08, 2015
appearently viegraff didnt like his horse
Play Epic War VI Epic War VI Jul. 08, 2015
not even going to play it first, 5/5 rudy for yet another one of this awesome genre
Play Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos Jul. 03, 2015
i won the 1v1 2v2 badge without completing 2v2
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jun. 28, 2015
shift click to do the action to all other similar parts!
Play GemCraft - Chasing Shadows GemCraft - Chasing Shadows Jun. 19, 2015
why numpad keys for creating gems -.- should have just kept the c to create a gem, and once the creation is up the regular 1-9 hotkeys to choose the type, or a double c for the last type made, 5/5 anyway as always
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters May. 25, 2015
great game, yes its pay to win but it has a great pve and pvp is still great with a lower deck. I did not pay for cards yet, and im nearing the last zone and the pvp in alliances and duels is still fun aswell. in the end you can get everything without paying if you grind alot. 5/5
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 03, 2014
needs skill hotkeys!
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 03, 2014
whats the deal with "pet" describe to me what a pet has to do with a fighting robot on a destructive rampage
Play Robot Clashes Robot Clashes Nov. 23, 2014
why captain sniper, obv give it assasin