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Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 18, 2013
@dawgydance, it doesnt increase drop rate, it increases chance of getting 2 instead of 1 coin
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Sep. 03, 2013
@riley they already have more games, epic war 5 is out(yet i like 4 more tho) also to unlock the green section you need to upgrade vigraf to level 3, have fun!
Play Incursion 2: The Artifact Incursion 2: The Artifact Jun. 30, 2013
Im more then a ranger! im a night ranger!.....cool story bro
Play HD Xyth HD Xyth May. 02, 2013
why did no one warn me that 2x legendairy is both death -.- herpaderp
Play Resort Empire Resort Empire Apr. 10, 2013
omg the music loop is waaaay to short wheres the mute button lol
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jan. 31, 2013
if i recall right, edge should do it this weekend, but there not great with deadlines so could be delayed aswell
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jan. 29, 2013
daily spin will get lots more rewards on the next update :) already seen a pic of it, with boosters and stuf no need to ask for more XD
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jan. 17, 2013
+ if you want more differend common and uncommons from the 2 basic boosters
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jan. 12, 2013
@dawn you can also enjoy the actual gameplay and grind the cards like 90% does, buying stuf only speeds it up theres no need to skip all the fun
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters Jan. 11, 2013
yes random, but note that there are not infinite cards, try a higher booster
Play Enola: Prelude Enola: Prelude Jan. 08, 2013
heal + mana regain = infinite health? way to easy at start XD
Play Stick War 2 Stick War 2 Dec. 22, 2012
im sure it will be at least the same good as version 1 5/5 and favo'ed before the game loaded :)
Play Incursion Incursion Dec. 06, 2012
im more then a ranger! im a night ranger!...cool story bro
Play StickDuel IV StickDuel IV Sep. 09, 2012
First! :)
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Play Vorp! Vorp! Aug. 26, 2012
whaha the to few players to play comment is supported by 100 people, now we have alot more players, and we cant play couse we have to much WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Play Vorp! Vorp! Aug. 17, 2012
you might want to increase the cores health, when you finely get the shields down, the core goes within a matter of seconds with 1 lvl 10 bursting on it
Play Save the Moon Save the Moon Aug. 16, 2012
so eeh who makes all those cheese float in space?
Play Infinite Monsters Infinite Monsters Aug. 16, 2012
the guy hates shopping, he keeps trying to shoot it, as soon i click it -.-
Play Zilch Zilch Jun. 30, 2012
in 10 turns i had 5 zilchs, didnt took any risk, just coudnt bank yet then in the 10th turn, my reckless enemy had 12k points OMG
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War May. 30, 2012
why do we always have to collect coins in these games -.- just give me a huge magnet already