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Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 25, 2015
still no fix for the Stables? all required resources in my item list, but log shows 0/5...
Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 22, 2015
stables show log 0/5 but I do have 6 log...
Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 13, 2015
had 1 PVP win, won the next 3 each, but got 0 Badges for all 3 of those wins today
Developer response from LittleGuyGames

This should be fixed now. If you're still having issues, email us at bugs@littleguygames.com.

Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 11, 2015
for me the amount of water which can be stored is too little. nobody can log in every 100minutes to spend it. Why not give a building that allows to store more water?
Developer response from LittleGuyGames

We're planning on making changes to the Water system in a future update.

Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 24, 2014
so this 5 Free Soul gift... how do I claim this?
Developer response from Playsaurus

You must have beaten zone level 100 at least once in any world.

Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 29, 2014
the badge is not awarded?
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 11, 2014
2000m Survival: fully upgraded, used these perks: Armor, Fireproof Spray, Nano Bots, M.R.E. pack, Weapon: Missile Launcher, Skill: Air Support (forgot to take it out for Airstrike or even better Napalm Wave... it is impossible that one of your soldiers dies if you keep away from the mortar/ airstrike blows... +to keep it up
Play Enola: Prelude Enola: Prelude Jan. 09, 2013
quite fun, but I didn't got the "create all weapons" ingame achievement despite I created all of those...
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Oct. 06, 2011
I'm missing the save possibility at all... Do you expect that I rush through the entire game without closing the game?
Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 19, 2011
quite buggy... unless nice try
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Oct. 22, 2010
same here. independent of the tree, using a power ability freezes the game...
Play Endless War 3 Endless War 3 Apr. 21, 2010
well not that bad, some of the weapons are still to imbalanced... most missions are easy with freg-grens and the rocket launcher as primary therefore 4/5
Play Red Remover Red Remover Jul. 31, 2009
can u c somewhere, which level you've got finished par/ bonus? and can u c somewhere how many turns are allowed for par for the explicit level? the game's tellin me, i've got 28 par and 29 finished. but i beat all levels on par (29 with 6 turns less than walkthrough-guide) it makes fun, but that's really frustrating...
Play GemCraft chapter 0 GemCraft chapter 0 May. 16, 2009
did someone find out how to sacrifice a pure lime/yellow or orange lv6 gem into a "special damage" shrine?
Play Ultimate Tactics Ultimate Tactics May. 14, 2009
I just tried to use the Freeze spell. It didn't do any damage, but freezed the creature i inflicted for 2 turns. I tried with 3 different Fire Scorpions, one of them was freezed correctly, another one hit my archer after round 1 and the game freezes. seems to be a large bug with that spell. i was on the: Venom Mission Mission in the second town, just forgot th correct name.
Play Ultimate Tactics Ultimate Tactics May. 13, 2009
well, i don't think inn's are too expansive. in fact two easy battles in the forest allow one rest in athelas. persisto is right. the game is a little slow. a little more information about the enemies (e.g. armor-level, magical resistances) would be quite nice. i hope that lateron any other attacks for Kronus are available. the last point i want to mention is, that the damage done to/by enemys is at level 6 extremly imbalanced. I haven't had any poison damage on my chars, but at that levels the snakes could be poisoned. The normal attack-damage of Kage is below the level of anacondas and super-beetles, but the MP's are not high enough to compete a whole level with spells. maybe some balance-changes would help here.