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Play Fractured 2 Fractured 2 Feb. 11, 2014
Just: WoW!!!
Developer response from GroZZleR

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Play i saw her too, with lasers i saw her too, with lasers Nov. 04, 2013
I just love this game. I loved the first, but this is even better. I played it through und replayed some scenes, just because it was so cute. And I see me sitting here with the game running just because I can hear the music. That from a person who switches off music as first thing when starting a game. And the story is sooooo lovely. I just can hope for another sequel and am wondering if one possibly can beat this first sequal at all...
Developer response from drgamescom

Thanks man!

Play The Programmer RPG The Programmer RPG Oct. 27, 2013
There is one subject that I missed in the lessions which often causes bugs. It's precedence order of operators. At some times I was not sure if my answer was right when logical and mathematical operators got mixed up. Later on even logical operaters (== and &&) were mixed. Since you are already speaking about brackets and indention and stuff I think it would be a good idea to at least mention the possible issues. (Personally I would give it a complete lesson when introducing the second set of operators.)
Play The Programmer RPG The Programmer RPG Oct. 27, 2013
There are some typos in the last few lessons. I did not write them down since I did not take notes since I'm a java programmer. Up until now the game is more an introduction to writing c++-style code and doing this quite nicely. However I would have loved to get some real information about how to write flash games. I like the idea of the game, even if it is a lot of text. I would have liked it more, if the fightes were more about programming themselves, not only a round-based button-clicking game. Maybe some harder questions that have to be answerd in time, the difficulty or number of the questions depending on the level of the enemy. To be honest I loved it more to extinguish the burning houses than to fight the enemies.
Developer response from GregoryCarlson

stay tuned!

Play Jolly Jong 1 Jolly Jong 1 Oct. 08, 2013
It's as addictive as mahjong is. The realization looks nice, however I'm not happy with two things. First, the time for the multiplicator to stay active is a little bit short. It should be at least possible to move the mouse from one corner to the other before the multiplyer drops again. Second - and that is quite worse: when one misses one click and does not hit anything a selection previously made on another block just goes away. The penalty to miss a block is way to high. Especially since the time for the multiplicator is so short, you don't have much time to aim. So it's quite harsh that you are forced to aim fast but if you miss you have to select both blocks again. That's not intuitive (most mahjongs I know have you to klick the first block again to deselect) and it's quite annoying. Everything else looks nice to me.
Developer response from Griman

Thanks for helpful comment!

Play Brawlin' Sailor Brawlin' Sailor Sep. 16, 2013
poor dog :(
Play Cheese Barn Cheese Barn Aug. 13, 2013
Wow, looks easier than it is. I like this, has some nice twists. :)
Play Plumber Pickle Plumber Pickle Aug. 10, 2013
Not too hard, some good twists and fun - 5 Stars from me :)
Play memory plus memory plus Jul. 10, 2013
Where is the plus?
Developer response from vonStauffenberg

The plus means that your memory improves, like while doing other mental exercises.

Play Lazy Miner Lazy Miner Jul. 05, 2013
Another idea is to add some benefit for going deep. For example that you get some bonus for reaching some depths or getting paid a little bit for your depth alone even if you cannot bring back some minerals or whatever. Another issue I have is that when you mute the game and then pause the game and unpause ist, it is not muted anymore. If I don't mute the game it starts to lag somehow on my computer. But that may be a local problem and not related to your game. But again, I like your idea and the core concepts and gameplay.
Developer response from Joskino

Wow, thanks a lot dude, all you said was very useful, I'll quickly balance the moles (it's already done for upgrades, but maybe you have the last version in your browser cache). I think we will implement x2, x3 bonus for minerals when you go deeper. And for the creeper/zombie/yeti I'll balance the lost of minerals when you hit them... Thanks again, feedbacks are really helpful for me.

Play Lazy Miner Lazy Miner Jul. 05, 2013
The aliens/zombies/yetis or whatever they should be, could be twisted a littel bit.. It's a good idea to have something that you really want to prevent to hit. But loosing everything from a very long journey is a little bit harsh. Especially since it get's quite hard to go around them, when you try to go deep. You probably are fast by then (if you don't are fast it's hard to get deep). Or you are running out of fuel. In both cases it's hard to work around them. To be honest nearly everytime I try to get deep, I end in one of them because I just cannot stear around them anymore when my tank is empty. It's just no fun, if this happens 5 or 6 times in succession and you just cannot get any "money" out of going deep.
Play Lazy Miner Lazy Miner Jul. 05, 2013
Another issue are the costs of hitting a mole. Sometimes you just cannot prevent to hit them, when they have the right angle and the right speed. It's just not possible. 250 is way too much. I had tries where I got about 1500 deep with no or nearly no minerals because of the moles. You should be able to do something about them. Maybe you just put something in the shop, that would be great. Or that you can kill them by hitting them with the edge of your drill or whatever. The moles are bad enough even if they don't hit you, since they just eat the minerals (or fuel) you are headed for. This alone reduces your outcome, anyway.
Play Lazy Miner Lazy Miner Jul. 05, 2013
I like the gameplay. It's really a good idea to have this different kinds of stones and caves, so that you have to look for the best way to go down. What I don't like is mostly what others already said. It would be good to have a little bit more backgroundstory. As it is now it is focussed on getting the minerals and not the depth. But I think that it really is about getting deeper. You know, sometimes you will get more minerals, if you don't try to go deep. Since you can navigate easier when slower and if you don't try to get so much fuel you can concentrate more on the minerals and work around the moles or whatever they are. My biggest complain is about the costs. As others said, they are too high. At least at the beginning. Especially since there is such a long way until you see the first minerals. That may be more than half your tank at the beginning.
Play creazy kind creazy kind Jul. 05, 2013
Way too much advertising going on. I could not find any mute option. The only inventive I could see so far are the controls - and I don't find them really intuitive. However I don't have a better solution for keyboard-only, maybe there is none. And maybe there is the need to play this game keyboard only - I don't know...
Play GamerRulez 1 [Shaded Rock Paper Scissors HARD] GamerRulez 1 [Shaded Rock Paper Scissors HARD] Jul. 04, 2013
I feel like I don't get the point of this game...
Play Wooden Farm House Escape Wooden Farm House Escape Jul. 04, 2013
Quite easy, but I'm missing some logic. Nearly every puzzle work with "magic" and would not work in a wooden farm house. Btw it's the only escape game where you don't use the axe to smash something but for cutting. (You know, it would also work on the door...)
Play Complete the Circuit Complete the Circuit Jul. 03, 2013
Nice game. However the concept with the different ampere gets a lost, since the focus is drawn to complete the stages as fast as possible. You only can get 3 stars, if you click nearly as fast as possible everything you need. There is just no time to check and read all those numbers. Maybe this would change with some more levels,,, I don't like the achievements of this game. They look like you can achieve something by getting through the game, however you only can get the color changed - and I don't know why I get them at some of the levels. However they just seem to try you to lure you to look at the credits and give your username that. That would be fine, if there would be some point to collect theme. But this is pointless, since one of them is to reach one of the first 3 places in the highscores. And there is no point in finishing the same level 50 times and stuff like that.
Play Fast and furious hidden number Fast and furious hidden number Jul. 03, 2013
Good idea, but too short with only one 'level'.
Play Connect Deluxe Connect Deluxe Jul. 03, 2013
The symbols - especially are not always easily to destinguish from each other. Graphic is too small. The gameplay is ok, but there is only one kind of game and it has only 10 stages. There are other mayong games with much more variarity.
Play Finding Seahorses Finding Seahorses Jul. 03, 2013
No, I don't like it, when I'm pushed to like a game at facebook quite in the middle when I'm trying to concentrate. - At each try. Especially since I'm not at facebook. And no, I don't think, that it's a good game for kids, if it does so. And when I want to have it muted, it should stay muted and don't start to play the musik again at the next try. And a youtube walkthrough is NOT a hint! And it's not fun, when it opens while I'm needing just a little hint in the middle of the game. The sliders are quite slow - would like to be able to move them faster, since I have only limited time to beat it. Especially when they don't move up to the boarder when I stop to move slightly bevore reaching it and trying to move it again.