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Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz Jul. 28, 2015
You know, this game would be so much better if it wasn't advertising one of the other games every 10 seconds.
Play Lemon Ninja Lemon Ninja Jul. 16, 2015
To add in depth why this "game" deserves 1/5 stars: Controls are like flappy bird, you can spam up to infinitely fly. You do not die if you fall, and can fly back up. There is only one stage. No WASD support. Colors could seriously be reworked. Movement is as if the (Link from Zelda) is on ice and it slides a lot. There are no goals or even any reason to move. People, please do not test your in-progress work on games on a public game site if you do not want actual responses.
Play MiniJeux MiniJeux Jul. 13, 2015
I'd have words to say about this game, but all it does is sit around trying to connect to a server. In french.
Play Bubble Shooter Rotation Bubble Shooter Rotation Jul. 13, 2015
Sure, spinning is neat. But other than that, there's nothing that really stands out and makes it less boring.
Play Epic Parkour Epic Parkour Jul. 13, 2015
Pointless. And then you uploaded the same game with a different name "Lemon Ninja"
Developer response from littlezoga

go away

Play Lemon Ninja Lemon Ninja Jul. 13, 2015
Pointless. And you duplicated your own game "Epic Parkour"
Developer response from littlezoga

shut the heckle up

Play Viral Incremental Viral Incremental Jul. 13, 2015
Bug. Become Lethal is supposed to be 500/s, does not do anything.
Play Testing Save Files Testing Save Files Jul. 13, 2015
Just a test, not a game.
Play Idle Tree of Magic Idle Tree of Magic Jul. 06, 2015
It honestly feels really slow, and while I like the idea behind it, the slowness of the beginning makes me not want to play.
Play illuminati666 illuminati666 Jul. 06, 2015
No instructions. Through experimenting, you click to move your triangle away from cans being thrown everywhere. This is accompanied by a VERY ANNOYING NOISE. 1/5 just for that annoying noise.
Play Flappy Ball Flappy Ball Jul. 06, 2015
Flappy bird clone. There's enough of these. No more, please.
Play 22by4_Test 22by4_Test Jul. 06, 2015
It's a test game. Would rate 0/5 just for that. But there are other reasons. WASD does nothing, arrow keys do nothing. Space bar does nothing. In short, this is a picture on the screen with odd music. Not a game.
Play Mamono Sweeper Mamono Sweeper Jul. 06, 2015
Wow. This is a seriously awesome take on minesweeper. Unfortunately, most people don't like minesweeper and won't like this little twist.
Play Color Bust Color Bust Jul. 06, 2015
There are scroll bars in the game.
Play Packing Games Packing Games Jul. 06, 2015
The target boxes are often too small to fit an order in, no matter how you fit it. The xyz controls are difficult, why not use zxc?
Developer response from PackingGames

You are correct that the target box won't always work. The game is meant to simulate a real business that doesn't know which shipping box size to use. We are working on making this clearer for our players and will have a new version released this week.

Play original flappy bird beta v1.0 original flappy bird beta v1.0 Jul. 06, 2015
It's flappy bird. Also, at the bottom there's the info "Site and html5 game created by @mxmcd" Pretty sure this site (Kongregate) was not created by that person.
Play Mathias: Mission 1 Mathias: Mission 1 Jul. 06, 2015
Left and right are determined by where your ship is pointing. And it just turns you, not move you in that direction. Your bullets automatically have auto targeting. You can literally fly in a circle and kill almost everything. While the game looks pretty, it's not that fun to play.
Play The Rock The Rock Jul. 06, 2015
It's a flappy bird game, but with rocks and different background. Boring.
Developer response from saberslayer5

It is actually a copter game...

Play Nervous Bot Nervous Bot Jul. 06, 2015
It's cute, it could be fun, but trying to figure out what will kill you and what won't gets annoying, fast. Especially once the rules start adding up.
Play Azure Defender Azure Defender Jul. 06, 2015
Okay port of a mobile game. You just sit in the middle of the screen, unable to move, and click to fire arrows at enemies. No bonus for accuracy, so just fire away. Levels increase the amount you have to kill or add in a slightly different monster to kill.