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Play Aviator Aviator Sep. 17, 2014
Why do we have the option to see our friend's maps and rank? We get absolutely nothing for it, and I consider it a waste of space.
Play Dungeons Dungeons Sep. 14, 2014
This may only have one level, and is obviously a work in progress or a test game... However, it at least looks nice, has music, and works much better than half the other test games that I've seen.
Play Testirowanie Testirowanie Sep. 14, 2014
Does not load from black screen.
Play Astro Lords Astro Lords Sep. 14, 2014
If it's on Kongregate, why should I have to register with email and everything else? That's why I play on here, not facebook. This does not belong here.
Play Lovebirds Kiss Kiss	Lovebirds Kiss Kiss Sep. 08, 2014
No. Boring, dumb, and just no.
Play AstroLords AstroLords Sep. 08, 2014
Getting so sick of these crap things showing up. They aren't even games for Kongregate.
Play Miss Egg's happy farm Miss Egg's happy farm Sep. 03, 2014
It's not even translated. As best as I can tell, it's a snake type game. The controls are very slow.
Developer response from dsjomo

Yes. Actually the moving is grid move so player turns when hitting the grid cell's center. Thanks for your comment!

Play Block the Pig Block the Pig Sep. 03, 2014
It's a little too random, you end up losing only because the pig is in an open field not near any blocks.
Play Aura Kingdom Aura Kingdom Sep. 03, 2014
WHOOPS We're sorry, the game you want to play is not available in your country. Please try one of these awesome games. Whoops, I'm sorry, but this isn't a game.
Play Riot Sphere beta Riot Sphere beta Sep. 03, 2014
Doesn't start, and has scroll bars.
Play Hungry Fish Hungry Fish Sep. 03, 2014
No pause, no mute. Other than that, it's a cute but boring and repetitive game.
Play Quick Time Event Game Quick Time Event Game Sep. 03, 2014
Yeah, nope. This looks like a troll and not a game.
Play Kristoff Kiss Anna Kristoff Kiss Anna Sep. 03, 2014
Is this even a game?
Play max dificult z max dificult z Aug. 24, 2014
Not only is this not a game, the cover image is stolen from Flight Rising. Nice going.
Play Balao Balao Aug. 24, 2014
Um... Is this even a game?
Play Megaton Punch Megaton Punch Aug. 24, 2014
All in chinese? It's not exactly "self-explanatory" and you're not "launching your character as far as you can," you're breaking a block.
Play Hahaha! You weirdo. Hahaha! You weirdo. Aug. 23, 2014
Not a game.
Play This is most pointless game in history of pointless This is most pointless game in history of pointless Aug. 11, 2014
Flagging because it's not a game.
Play SPLAT! SPLAT! Aug. 11, 2014
Adjust screen size, and upgrades. Games like this are absolutely boring without upgrades.
Play Plague Heart Plague Heart Aug. 11, 2014
The idea behind it is good. Just I feel there are too many lines to make it a reasonably fun game to play. Instead of using the number keys, how about dropping all the keys down a row so that the row your hand generally sits on is in the middle?