KeithIrwin's Comments

Game Comments
Play Winx Bloom Coloring Winx Bloom Coloring Aug. 11, 2010
This is not a game.
Play Frog coloring Frog coloring Aug. 11, 2010
This is a toy, not a game.
Play Emma Stone Dressup Emma Stone Dressup Aug. 10, 2010
Not a game, just a toy.
Play Sheep vs Skulls Sheep vs Skulls Aug. 10, 2010
It's okay, but pretty easy.
Play 18 Goal Golf 18 Goal Golf Aug. 10, 2010
Pretty good little mini-golf type game, but the menu button doesn't seem to work after the end of the first game.
Play Space Immigrants Space Immigrants Aug. 10, 2010
It's a sort of okay space-invaders-esque game if you can get it playing. Pretty short and easy, though.
Play My frist game in flash My frist game in flash Aug. 10, 2010
This game is pretty terrible.
Play Sort My Tiles Wonder Woman Sort My Tiles Wonder Woman Aug. 10, 2010
A set of three tile puzzles.
Play Windows X lol Windows X lol Aug. 10, 2010
This is not a game.
Play Mechanical Roulette Mechanical Roulette Aug. 10, 2010
A very nice presentation wrapped around a game which is not at all fun.
Play R-Type Stage 1 R-Type Stage 1 Jun. 11, 2010
It seems to have problems accurately sensing key events for me. It would wind up thinking that up or down were held down when they weren't. This rendered the game unplayable.
Play Blocky 500 Blocky 500 Apr. 07, 2010
In fairness, there is a goal: get the most points. However, that's mostly luck. On the whole, this game isn't much fun.
Play Make a game in notepad:program pack Make a game in notepad:program pack Apr. 07, 2010
This game would work better as a text file.
Play Seven! Seven! Apr. 07, 2010
Good game concept, but the execution needs polishing. Once time gets down to about 1.3s, it becomes impossible because you can't click while it's moving up, but it starts to move up again almost as soon as it's done moving up, so there's really only like 0.1 seconds where you can click. There are similar problems in other modes. I like it, but I hope that the authors work out the kinks.
Play Word Forge Word Forge Apr. 07, 2010
It was okay, but would be more fun if the difficulty weren't increased by just requiring typing more and more words as the level went up.
Play Dolphin Ball Dolphin Ball Apr. 07, 2010
This is a Bust-A-Move-style game where you move left-right instead of rotating back and forth. That part is pretty reasonable, but the problem is that once you get to about level four or five, winning becomes quite difficult because it always gives you all of the colors, even if there are none of that color left on the board. I lost on this last level because there were two reds on opposite ends and I kept only getting the other colors. I gave it a 2/5. I would up it to a 4/5 if that were changed.
Play Shadez: The Black Operations Shadez: The Black Operations Sep. 12, 2009
This game is really dull. When I just keep buying everything I can, I keep winning. I wind up losing because I get bored of just clicking and clicking for 20 minutes and give up on anything different ever happening.
Play Shopping City Shopping City Aug. 23, 2009
I give up. I've played the final level twice now. I would have no problem except that everything keeps needing so many repairs that I often go two or three days without building or upgrading anything. The last try, I managed to get 97%. I would've won, but my level 2 supermarket suddenly needed 95,000 worth of repairs on the second to last day, and I didn't have the money, so it wound up destroyed. The last level is too random and frustrating.
Play Red Remover Red Remover Jul. 21, 2009
Level 39 sucks when you're using a trackpad rather than a mouse. Why make it so dependent on quick clicking?