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Play Hitori Light Vol 1 Hitori Light Vol 1 Mar. 01, 2015
I has this game rated 2/5 because I hate it when puzzle games have stages with more than one unique solution but only count one as right. Replayed, came to see I was in fact mistaken. 4/5, and apologies.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 06, 2015
I enjoyed this, though it has its share of frustrations. Much as with the original. More interesting map play is a big plus, and it's nice that if you include someone on your team for some specific costume benefit you keep it even if they die. It'd be rather annoying to have your portal-enabling member die right before you got to some of the portals, for instance. The final run fight difficulty ramps up rather sharply, and in the endgame there's no reason to do anything but ranged spam. In particular stage 20 is unforgiving if you suffer a death to the first mob (and by the way, do you need to start off with 4 100hp enemies?) you may as well reset the stage.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 06, 2015
The extent to which this becomes a grind-fest at the end is stunning.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 06, 2015
Game completely froze first time in the wardrobe. The "Hey how'd you like to equip something" or whatever message was blocking any area which must have contained what items I had and prevented me from equipping anything. And as a user interface, popups that can't be X'ed and are in prime real estate for the screen are not good.
Play Headless Zombie 2 Headless Zombie 2 Dec. 31, 2014
Got popup of "Rate this game now" on sage 16, which was by far the worst stage. But I'm not so petty as to cost that points in my eventual rating. 4/5, despite stage 16. Also, to the people with 89/90 cogs, there's one on the main map behind a door.
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Dec. 23, 2014
First game like this the money magnet felt neither like a pointless tax. Usually it's either useless or absolutely the first thing you buy always. Seems like it's done right.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 10, 2014
Tim GurTon's e-mail is This annoys me quite a bit.
Play Hook Hook Oct. 08, 2014
I was on board with the concept until the timing puzzles came into it. I immediately knew what level design would follow, and I was right.
Play Color Cleaner Color Cleaner Sep. 26, 2014
Why does R not reset the stage? This is standard for a reason.
Play Red Remover BLAST Red Remover BLAST Sep. 25, 2014
I thank whoever put a cap on the number of tangerines you can hold maximum. It's twice what you need to complete the challenge, and the cap does nothing other than give cookie clicker obsessive compulsives a way out cleanly. 74 Quantum Tangerines, 100 Test tubes, 127 test tube machines. Can't say the cap on the other 3 but I'll find it no doubt.
Play Red Remover BLAST Red Remover BLAST Sep. 24, 2014
The tangerine thing is just... evil. As someone who worked hard to quit Cookie Clicker, I'm having a relapse.
Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Jul. 30, 2014
7/30 - I'm pretty proud of my 1:18. Not sure how Hawk45 shaved a second off what I did, but congrats man.
Play Escape to Hell Escape to Hell Jul. 29, 2014
I'm in the starter mission area, with no end in sight on how many missions it is. I've set some sort of record apparantly, is it endless? And I've got every upgrade maxed without ever once having felt any of them were necessary or useful. WAY too easy.
Play Droid Team 1 Droid Team 1 Jul. 09, 2014
I liked this game up to the point where they kept saying "LOOK AT A VIDEO OF SOLUTIONS RIGHT HERE, NO REALLY DO IT NOW." not caring if I wanted to or not, and I accidentally brought the thing up three times on one stage that I had in fact figured out. They just want web-traffic, so to flash-game hell with you.
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 09, 2014
I can't 5/5 a game this short, but well done anyway. Take 4/5, you earned it.
Play Project Alnilam Project Alnilam Jun. 29, 2014
Liked the concept, but levels quickly degenerate into only brute force solutions viable.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 25, 2014
Some fun ideas on the table, but this grind-tastic. I'm also not a fan of the Kyle (south park) costume giving the power "Jew" which is a money magnet. Cartman is the greedy one of the four there, Kyle being more likely to have Cartman's team healing effect. *Nerd rage*
Play CP6 CP6 Jun. 21, 2014
Would have been nice to have an ending of some sort. If I'm going to complain about a stage it'd be 5-8, but that's 2 from the end so that's where you're supposed to put stages like that.
Developer response from gametronstudios

The ending is played when you complete the last level of Sector 4. Sector 5 (The Lost Levels) are bonus levels, and they're really hard.

Play Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Jun. 18, 2014
Pretty good. Very quickly got to a point with the last boss where I simply did not care to track through the entire distance from save point to fight it again. There really is no reason to not put a save point either at the final room, or at least a lot closer.
Play Dream Hopper Dream Hopper Jun. 18, 2014
So for a 5 day game, fantastic job. If this concept were to be developed longer, for one I'd say the controls for wall jumping are awful. Next I'd say the HP bar goes up way higher than is useful. Something larger with this concept, probably in a Metroidvania, could be really good though.