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Play Haven: Prelude Haven: Prelude Jun. 03, 2013
Seems like it ate my savegames from yesterday... damn
Developer response from SgtMook

Yeah, Kongregate can't seem to make up its mind about whether to host this game on or Unfortunately, I can't do much on my side. You can probably copy over the .sol files manually though.

Play Rocket Santa 2 Rocket Santa 2 Dec. 15, 2012
My girlfriend is missing a parachute in this game. Poor Santa...
Play Quick Quests Quick Quests Oct. 06, 2011
@susi234: thank you for making it public;)
Play Badge Master Badge Master Aug. 23, 2011
Finally, a game I loaded for the first time and I'm instantly in the top 20.
Play Grand Prix Go Grand Prix Go Jul. 08, 2011
Where is this game "Keyboard only"?
Play LQD 1: Wanderful LQD 1: Wanderful May. 14, 2011
You shoud add actual gameplay to it and make the music-loop significantly longer and/or make the ending match the beginning better. But good graphics.
Play Clarence's Big Chance Clarence's Big Chance Feb. 25, 2011
Pants are in his own rown behind a locked door.
Play Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Feb. 22, 2011
To all who didn't notice that yet: It IS the full version now.
Play Fixfree Improved Fixfree Improved Feb. 18, 2011
This actually a wobbly Tetris. Can't say I like it, sorry.
Play Get to the tree [Elite Version] Get to the tree [Elite Version] Feb. 18, 2011
Okay, so gettig to the tree doesn't cause a reaction... so what about that coffee mug? Noo... Lets try the yellow dot. WTF? The yellow dot killed me? Hmm, what's next? Nothing... All that's left is clicking "Go". Let's try this. Starting screen? :/ I give up.
Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Feb. 10, 2011
Need more space between stashes. You could make buildings upgrade instead of building new ones.
Play Wings of Genesis Wings of Genesis Oct. 18, 2010
It say something like "carry over your stats to next difficulty", but when i click transfer i end up in nightmare, though playing on easy before. looks like a bug to me.
Play Ben 10 and The Ghost Ben 10 and The Ghost Oct. 05, 2010
Now that was boring. Does that ghost do anything but moaning?
Play Steel Grinder Steel Grinder Sep. 17, 2010
Not the worst, man. Keep creating games, i'm positive.
Play PUZZLE 4 KIDS v.007 PUZZLE 4 KIDS v.007 May. 30, 2010
You should add more motives and maybe - for the older kids - add 4x4 puzzle. Despite of this its quite suitable for Kids, but not entertaining for a long time.
Play Zombie Warfare Zombie Warfare May. 30, 2010
Glitched on wave 12. Map shows 2 Zombies out of the area, but they wont come to play...
Play Remnants of Skystone Remnants of Skystone Jan. 12, 2010
Way too many premium features, in my opinion.
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 08, 2009